Topps Latest Gimmick!!!! The Rally Squirrel

What will Topps think of Next? 2012 Topps Series 1 comes out Wednesday, Feb. 1 and I'm sure this will be the  card everyone wants. According Beckett, this will be the first time a players face is not featured on a card and will only be featured on the SP variation.
If I was Skip, I think I would be abit insulted.
I'm sure this will go down as one of those cards we will never forget and be looking for when opening packs. This is not an error card. But, I may generate the similar buzz that some past cards may have had.
More recent, In 2010, Topps had cards that featured numerous players getting a Pie in the face. Those cards are valued between $30-$100.
The next couple of cards where not Topps. But, they are memorble. 
The 1989 Billy Ripken "F-Face" card. Also known as the "Rick Face" Card. I believe there were at least 10 different versions of that card. The most valuable being the white out version.
Then there was the 1989 Score Paul Gibson, although not an error card. This card featured Luis Salazar adjusting his jock in the background. Score did re-issue the card with his leg airbrushed out. In this case according to The original version is valued at a whole $1, and the airbrushed version books at $0.05.