Auburn Doubledays @ Brooklyn Cyclones

Last night I took the drive to Brooklyn to see the Auburn Doubledays play the Cyclones.
My first goal of the night was to get Anthony Rendon who was the Nationals 1st Round pick and 6th overall in 2011.
It was also Department of Sanitation appreciation night. The promotional giveaway was a a Sandy Bobblehead.  The Cyclones also had John Franco at the game. Franco used to wear an orange Sanitation t-shirt under his Met uni when he played. Franco was also signing autographs. But, I have him numerous times.
The Cyclones also wore special orange jerseys to show appreciation . When I got into the stadium the Auburn was taking batting practice and Rendon was taking grounders at third. After practice was over we got him to come and sign. There were about 10 of us, including one dealer.
I got a OMLB on the SS signed. At that point he was saying 1 per and then left and headed to the dugout.
At that point I started my custom logo that I always do for the short season teams. I was able to get everyone except the batting coach Luis Ordaz. Here is what I did get:

The players that I did not have on the logo were Travis Henke, Mike McQuillan and Brandon Miller.
When the guys came out to stretch was tried for Rendon again. I put (2) 2012 Bowmans on a board and he did one of them. He signed again as the players got on the bus.
Rendon was pretty cool about signing. But, I think he was getting annoyed at the kid who kept asking him for a bat and or batting gloves. That same kid must have asked every player he saw for a bat or something.
He ended up with 2 GU Bats and 1 players hat.  I wish I was 20 years younger!
When I left the house I forgot my Cyclones logo sheet which I still need about 6 or 7 guys on and I'm sure I would have finished it. Oh, Well there is always another.
I did remember to bring my Brandon Nimmo cards though. I had brought 4 cards. But, I ran into a couple of the guys that do Ducks games and I gave out 2. So, I ended up with (2) 2011 Bowman Draft Nimmo's.
I had brought an extra OMLB with me and decided to get Kevin Plawecki to sign it.
So, between the logo sheet, 2 balls and 4 cards I ended the night with 38 auto's. Not bad.
Then the night got a little better after the game. As I mentioned earlier, the Cyclones wore the special orange jerseys to show appreciation to the Sanitation Dept. Those jerseys where raffled off at the end of the night. So, I bought 10 chances for $10. The last time I went to the cyclones game they wore red FDNY jerseys which they also raffled off at the end of the night. I had bought 10 chances for that and didn't win. Tonight I figured why not try it again and this time I won. I won the Phillip Evans jersey. Then they made an announcement that Phillips had signed his. So, I do not have to worry about getting it signed. I also won a jersey full of sweat. I was soaked.

I was hoping to go the Ducks game tonight and finish off the Bluefish. But, some family came in and we had a BBQ. I'll have to go back to Bridgeport and cash in thse tix from the rained out games.
Either Monday or Tuesday the Skeeters are back in town. This time with former Ray and Angel, Scott Kazmir.

Thanks for Looking and Check back soon!!