Tri-City Valley Cats @ Cyclones

Last night I went to Brooklyn to see the Tri-City Valley Cats play the Cyclones. The Valley Cats are affiliated with the Houston Astros.
They Cyclones only have about 8 more home games before the playoff start. So, this may have been my last game for the Cyclones this season.
The Cyclones also have Craig Hansen who was the  Red Sox 1st pick from 2005 on the roster. Craig is from Long Island and I try to keep tabs on local players. After being out of baseball for about 1 year with health issues the Mets signed him to a minor league deal. He is on the St. Lucie Mets roster but is listed to be on the DL and is in Brooklyn on what is being called rehab. After pitching for 2.5 years with the Red Sox he was traded to the Pirates in the Jason Bay deal. He pitched briefly for the Pirates in 2009 and then a brief 12 game stint in the minors in 2010. I actually thought he would have signed with the Ducks at some point this season. But, then the report came out the Mets signed him.
Some time earlier in the season I picked up a Pirates GU ST jersey of Hansen's from 2009. So, I was set out to get it signed.

I also have the custom Cyclones logo that I needed to finish. I was able to get the following players:
Jeff Glenn, 2009 9th rd pick
Logan Taylor, 2012 11th rd pick
Craig Hansen
Julio Concepcion
Luis Cessa
Rainy Lara
Rich Donnelly, Manager
Dawrin Frias
Brandon Welch, 2012 5th rd pick
Jason Kuebler
Julian Hilario

I'm just missing Matt Bowman and pitching coach Marc Valdes. Juan Urbina is also on the logo. But, only spent a short time with the Cyclones before being sent back down to Kingsport.

I also got Brandon Nimmo on 4 cards. This kid is a signing machine. He signs everything and is very polite.
Over the past few games I've been taking pictures and also got the following signed on my 8x10's
Hansel Robles
Kevin Plawecki, 2012 1st rd supp. pick
Philip Evans, 2011 15th rd pick
Jayce Boyd, 2012 6th rd pick
Jeff Glenn,, 2009 9th rd pick
 I couple of the Nimmo cards are available for trade. If anyone is interested, shoot me an email.
 The photo on the top right is Phillip Evans and the cool thing about the photo is he is wearing the GU jersey that I had won a few weeks ago in a raffle.  Kevin Plawecki is bottom right, Top Left is Jayce Boyd and bottom left is Hansel Robles.
The picture above is Jeff Glenn while he was in the bullpen. A great location in the stadium to take picture is from the walkway above the Cyclones bullpen. I just wish I took more pics from that location this year.

The game ended around 9:30 with the Cyclones winning. So, I decided to stay after and try to get as many of  the Valley Cats on my custom logo. But, for some reason by 10:45 only a handful of players came out.
I got the following Valley Cats,
Blake Ford, 2011 44th rd pick
Tyler Heinerman, 2012 8th rd pick
Brady Rodgers, 2012 3rd rd pick
Jean Batista
Juri Perez
Preston Tucker, 2012 7th rd pick
A little disappointed I did not get more guys. But, I get up at 5am and have a 1hr trip home. So, I left.

I'm graphing the Mets game on Saturday. They are playing the Astros and its also Mike Piazza bobblehead day. I'm getting there early and hoping he is at the game.

Also he are pictures of my latest memorabilia additions. This brings my total of Locker Name plates to 40.
 Chacin was a Duck and is now a Rockland Boulder, Andy Sisco is in the ATL this season and I'm hoping to get it signed. The Catalanotto's I picked up because I collect stuff of players from Long Island.
                                                                These go into my Mets collection.

Thanks for looking and Check back soon.


WaltHils said…
the valley cats clinched and were celebrating in clubhouse i think nice stuff