Somerset Patriots @ Ducks

Last night I went to the Ducks game against the Somerset Patriot. It was the first game of a 3 game series and the weather forecast didn't look good for Tuesday and Wednesday nights games. So, I decided to hit this one. I do not have much for the either team. But, I had picked up another locker name plate. This time it was for the former Royal pitcher Andy Sisco. Unfortunately Sisco went to the bullpen from behind the stadium and never came out into the dugout. I had a friend with me and I was hoping to also get cards signed. But, no luck.
The Patriots pitching coach is former Yankee pitcher Brett Jodie. I could not find anything for him. So at the last game I took a pic of Jodie standing next to Sparky Lyle. Jodie signed the picture. But, Lyle was his miserable self. Didn't even acknowledge us when we asked him to sign. I had suggested to a little kid and his father to try to get him at the other end of the dugout where Lyle hangs the Lineup card on the dugout wall.. The kid came back and said Lyle just said NO! The guy wouldn't even sign for the kid. I guess he forgot he was in the ATL. I will be the last to complain about someone not signing. But, give me a break already. At least sign for the little kid. If I not had the 8x10 of him and Jodie. I never would have even bothered to ask. Before yesterday, I don't even think I bothered with him in over 2 years. You get the same shitty attitude every time.
A recent signing by he Patriots is former Yankee outfielder, Colin Curtis. He was a strict 1 per and did not sign for everyone. I was lucky enough to be one of the few he did sign. He also signed for my friend. But, I told her she could keep the card for her nephew who is a Yankee fan.
I also had one card for former Yankee Chase Wright. He started the game. But, just before the national anthem he came over and signed for us.
The Ducks had pitcher Bobby Blevins in the autograph booth and my friend had her ticket signed and then gave it me. Blevins was recently acquired from the Rockland Boulders of the Can-Am Leagie for a player to be named. Which sought of surprises me. Because the Ducks sent Gustovo Chacin to the Boulders earlier in the season for a player to be named and I do not recall hearing that they received anyone in return. I wonder if Blevins was the player to be named later. Blevins had been in the Dodgers system and had gotten has high as AAA in 2010. He pitched the entire 2011 season with the Boulders, he started 19 games and finished the year with a 6-8 record..

As I write this, I see the Ducks game tonight had been postponed and will be made up tomorrow night as part of a doubleheader. They typically do not have doubleheaders on weekdays. But, its the last time the Patriots are in town for the regular season.

I think its supposed to rain all day tomorrow also. I had planned on going to Brooklyn tomorrow. The Cyclones finish of the regular season and are playing the Lowell Spinners who are affiliated with the Redsox.
The Spinners have 2012 1st rounder pick Deven Marrero. He was picked 24th overall.
I guess I'll have to see about tomorrow.
Thanks for reading and Check Back soon!!!