Super Storm Sandy with pictures

Everything is good on my end. Hopefully none of you have lost your homes and everyone is safe and sound.

If you are not located in the Northeast I'm sure most of you have seen the news. Hurricane turned SuperStorm Sandy barreled up the east coast making land fall in Southern New Jersey. Sandy will go down in the record books as one worst storms to make land fall in the Northeast. Flooding and I mean the worse flooding I've ever seen here on LI. If you have a house within about half of mile of the water it either flooded out or completely gone, then there are the power outages, fires and now a gas shortage here on Long Island. The gas shortage is getting ugly. 2 hour waits and now people are getting physical and some crazy people are pulling guns on each other. Luckily I filled my car up the day after the storm and should not need gas till the middle of next week. Since i do not have to travel to work because the office is still without power.
I hate to say it. But, it might get worse before it gets better.

Here are some pictures I've taken over the last few days
                                                          My dads neighbors suv

                                                             Down the street
                                                                Around the block
      A friends property along the Swan River in East Patchogue, typically the river is back beyond the trees

If you look close enough, you can see the tops of the piles and the dock and the jet ski lift sticking out of the water

                                                 The house had 14" or so of water in it

 Here is a boat that has not seen the water in a few years and I'm sure it was floating at some point during the storm
                                                                      In Patchogue

                                                       A BP station on Route 112 in Medford
                    Back in Patchogue, the Patchogue River is about typically about 100 yards away

 In a parking lot of an apartment complex. Where did the bulkhead go? It should be inline with the end of the white fence.
                                                          A sinking boat on the Patchogue River
This is a score keeper box from a softball field at Shorefront Park, it is lieing in the parking lot across the street from its real home. Which is about 150 feet away. Reports are that the water got about 4 to 5 foot deep here. If it where not for the fence it would have ended up further away

This post was abit out of the norm for me. But, I figured some of you may be interested in some of the pictures. The water on the 2 rivers have since receded but left a mess behind.

My next post will be about something autograph or sports card related.

Thanks for reading, check back soon and Say Safe!!


Great pics...thanks for sharing.
Living by the water has it's perks..and downfalls.
I was lucky.