NHL Ends Lockout......

Well it looks like I will not have to wait for Baseball to do some IP graphing.
The NHL lockout has ended and they are saying games could start up in 2 week or so.
I'm hearing a 48 game schedule and I'm not sure if they will just pickup the schedule as it was setup or not. I hope they change it up alittle. The Flyers are not on the Islanders schedule here on the Island. Reports are saying details about the schedule will be released in a couple of days and camps will open later this coming week.
If the schedule dates don't change. Feb 9th (Lightning) and Feb. 16th (Avs)will be my first chances to graph. After that I will only have 4 other chances on saturdays for auto's. As of now there are no sundays scheduled.
I may try a couple of Bridgeport games. But, now with any of the NHLers that where playing in the AHL games, gone. There may not be much to get.

I'm waiting to see if the Fans come back and watch or even spend the money on tickets? I know a few people who say they are done with hockey and others who can't wait for the season to start. I'm sure when I go into the office tomorrow the person I buy my package from will be asking how many games do I want?

I'm also curious to see what the teams do to try to attract the fans back. As far as autographs go. Most players sign without a problem in my experience. I'm just wondering if some of the bigger name players who do not typically sign, will now? Jagr, Ovechkin, etc?

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!