Lexington Legends @ Lakewood Blue Claws

Yesterday I took the drive to Lakewood NJ. Home of the Lakewood Blue Claws. The Blue Claws are the mid level A affiliate of the Phillies and play in the South Atlantic League. In town are the Royals affiliates, the Lexington Legends.

My main goal was to get the Royals Top prospect Bubba Starling. Pre-2013 he is ranked 26th overall my MLB and 35th overall by Baseball America.  His stock as dropped alittle in the last year and if he does not start hitting it will drop further. In Pre-2012 he was 17th by MLB and 24th by Baseball America.
I got to Lakewood extra early hoping to get Bubba off the team bus. I did this to avoid the crowd that will be trying to get him inside. Including me there was only 4 of us graphing. Bubba stopped and I got him on (2) 8x10's and (2) cards. I usually do not ask for that much at one time. But, he was signing multiples for the other. Why, not?  This way I do not have to try again later.
Inside I would say there were about 20-25 graphers trying to get him. I think he signed for everyone.
The blue sharpie it alittle tough to see. I should have used black or silver. But, I took plenty of pics of him during the game. When he ends up in Wilmington. I will get him again.
I decided not to get him on a OMLB for two reasons. 1 his stock dropped abit and I've waisted more than enough balls on prospects. 2 I will not use OMLB's on guys in A ball anymore. Its photos or cards from now on.

I also had cards for a few others on Lexington.
Terrance Gore 1 card, Terrance was a 20th rounder in 2011.
Bryan Brickhouse 4 cards, 3rd rounder in 2011
Nicholas Cuckovich 2 cards, 17th rounder in 2011
Mike Antonio 1 card, 3rd rounder in 2010
Yowill Espinal 1 card. Someone traded this to me for an unsigned Gore card.
Then I started the typical Logo sheet and got the following.
Jerry Nyman, Legends pitching coach and former Major Leaguer. Jerry spent 3 seasons pitching for the White Sox and Padres
Chas Byrne, 16th rounder in 2010
Cory Hall
Alex Mills, 22nd rounder in 2012
Mark Peterson
Colin Rodgers, 3rd rounder in 2012
Clayton Schutz
Dan Stumpf, 9th rounder in 2012
Ali Williams, 34th rounder in 2011
Cameron Gallagher, 2nd rounder in 2011 and 13th overall Royals prospect according to MLB.
Jin-Ho Shin
Humberto Arteaga, 14th overall Royals prospect according to MLB
Yowill Espinal
Raul Mondesi, also goes by Aldoberto. He is 6th overall Royals prospect according to MLB and the son of former Big Leaguer Raul Mondesi
Ethan Chapman, 30th rounder in 2012
Fred Ford, 7th rounder in 2012
I forgot the Blue Claws logo sheet I had started the last time I was there. So, the only card I had was for Long Island product Willie Carmona, Willie was the Phillies 11th round pick in 2012.

I ended up with 30 autographs on the day. I could have done alittle better if I had stayed after the game.  I'm sure I will got back to Lakewood atleast once this year and try to remember the logo sheet for them.
The promotion at the game yesterday was Bark in Park and its a good thing I love dogs because there was probably over 100 of them all over the park. The suprising thing was they where allowed in the seating areas. At other parks I've been to they where only allowed in the bleacher or grass berm areas.
Another promotion they had yesterday was like the t-shirt toss. Only this time it was hot dog toss. They tossed cooked hot dogs into the stands wrapped in tin foil. Some of the dogs did not stay in the foil and got unwrapped in mid air and I think the real dogs loved that.
Next weeks agenda for graphing will start on Monday night. Former Met pitcher John Franco is appearing at Steiner and I will be adding him to my Shea Seat back. Then the Ducks come home on Friday night and the Patriots are back in town. I got some more cards for the Patriots and I'm hoping to get the Mike Wilson bat signed as well.
Also on Friday night at the Ducks game former Major Leaguer and Long Island product Frank Catalanotto will be doing a book signing. Hopefully he will sign cards or memorabilia.
Thanks Again for Reading and Check Back Soon!!!!