Somerset Patriots @ Ducks

Last night was game 2 of the 3 game series between the Patriots and the Ducks. There was not much of a turnout. Maybe 1000 fans.
It was a subpar night for me.
Brad Thompson was the starter and only signed for one person and Jake Fox warmed him up in the bullpen. So, that was 2 guys I missed. Lou Montanez apparently does not sign at all. He just ignored us and I was told he did the same the night before. I guess he thinks I will sell his signed rookie card for 0.50 cents and become rich! Oh Well. Not big loss to me.
The 2 auto's I did get where
Shane Spencer 3 Cards. Shane is currently the Patriots Hitting coach. He is a 7 year Big Leagues. He spent most of his time with the Yankees. He also played for the Indians, Rangers and his last season in the majors witht the Mets. He also played 2 season after playing with the Mets in Japan with the Hanshin Tigers.
Mike Wilson 2 cards. Mike was a 2nd round pick in 2001 for the Mariners. He finally made it to the Majors in 2011 playing 8 games. He was a non-roster invitee for the Mets this season. But, was released during spring training.
One strange thing about his cards is. He has a 2002 Bowman and a 2011 Bowman. The 2011 Bowman has the RC logo on it. I guess Bowman forgot they had issued a card for him in 2002.
I also have a GU bat for him. But, decided not to wait after the game.
The Patriots are back in town when the Ducks come off a 6 game road trip. I'm sure I will do much better.
I may be heading to Lakewood on Saturday. The Lexington Legends who are affiliated with the KC Royals and are playing the Blue Claws. The Legends have prospect Bubba Starling. I hear he is a good IP signers.
Thanks for Reading and Check back soon!!!