New Additions to my Collection...

I recently picked up some new stuff to add to my Memorabilia Collection.

I'm on Steiners email list and I recieved this email a couple of weeks ago offering Yankee Stadium Seat Backs for a crazy discount. I usually just read and just delete those emails because most of the time there offering some meet and greet with a Yankee for some redic high price. But, sometimes they offer great deals that are hard to pass up. So, I picked up 2. These are my 2nd and 3rd Yankee Stadium Seats and my 23rd & 24th Stadium Seat Back
Above is a Busch Stadium Seat Back that I picked up on Ebay. Reasonable priced. This makes my 25th Stadium Seat Back in my collection
Above is a Luis Castillo New York Mets Locker Name Plate, again a cheap price on Ebay and its MLB Certified. This is the 44th Locker Name Plate in my collection.
Above is a GU Nick Evans Cracked Bat. Found it on Ebay. I collect Mets Stuff and I figured he may end up in the Atlantic League at somepoint in the next few years. This is my 21st GU Bat in my collection
Above is something I just picked up at a local shop that is closing. They where running a sale before the doors close. Stan Musial PSA Certified Autographed Index Card. Mr. Musial was one of those autographs I never got a chance to get and wish I had. Real happy to add this one to my collection.
I'm now up to 148 Different pieces of Memorabilia.
Takes my Autograph Collection to 5,582 and 4,826 are Baseball
Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!