Renagades @ Cyclones

Game 18 was also the first Cyclones game of the season for me. Hudson Valley is the short season affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays. As I've posted in the past I usually do a logo sheet for the short season players unless they have cards. The only player I had cards for was Gavin Cecchini who was the Mets 1st round pick in 2012. I got of Cecchini cards signed. I have a few more and will get them next time.
On the Logo sheet I got 28 so far
Gavin Cecchini, 1st rd 2012
L.J. Mazzilli 4th rd 2013 and son of former Met Lee Mazzilli
Matt Oberste, 7th rd 2013
Juan Gamboa
Alex Sanchez
Anthony Chavez
Eris Pequero
Jorge Rivero
Julio Concepcion
Jared King, 5th rd 2013
Bobby Malek Hitting Coach and was 4th rd pick of the Mets in 2002 making it as high as AAA
Eddie Rohan, 50th rd 2011
Colton Plaia, 15th rd 2013
Dario Alvarez
Cristian Chivilli
Robert Gsellman, 13th 2011
Patrick Biondi, 9th rd 2013
Shawn Teufel, 25th rd 2010 by the Tigers and is the son of former Mets and curren Mets coach Tim Teufel. Is currently with the Cyclones on a rehab assignment
Carlos Valdez
David Wynn
Shane Bay
John Gant, 21st 2011
Tim Peterson
Ricky Knapp, 8th rd 2013. Son of former minor league pitcher Rick Knapp
John Mincone, 11th rd 2009 by the Cubs and a Long Island product
James Roche, has been in the Can-Am Indy League for the last few years
Juan Urbina, Son of former Expo Ugeth Urbina
Paul Paez, 38 rd 2013

On a Hudson Valley logo
Aaron Griffin, 10th rd 2013
Benjiman Griset, 13th rd 2013
Andrew Hanse, 22nd rd 2013
Mike Johns (Manager)
Dan DeMent (Hitting Coach)
Oscar Hernandez
Ismel Antunez
Granden Goetzman, 2nd rd 2011
James Harris, 1st rd 2011 comp pick
Julian Ridings, 18th rd 2013
Austin Pruitt, 9th rd 2013
Tyler Young, 7th rd 2013
Ariel Soriano
Darryl George
John Field, 5th rd 2013
Pat Blair, 12th rd 2013
John Alexander, 8th 2011
Harmen Ridhu, 20th rd 2013
Colten Reavis, 30th rd 2013

I only did the Renagades after the game as they got on the bus.

I also got the 4 Cecchini cards and I got Lee Mazilli as he was leaving outside the stadium. Lee sign 1 of 4 cards for me. He is probably strictly 1 per. I'll keep getting him one at a time. I'm sure he will be at most of the Cyclones home games.
52 autographs on the night. Typical number for a short season game for me,
I'm hoping to get the next wednesdays Cyclone game vs. Staten Island. It is Johan Santana bobblehead day and the Ducks come home starting tuesday with a 3 game series vs. Somerset and then 3 more vs. Bridgeport before the ATL All-Star break
Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!!