Somerset Patriots @ Bridgeport Bluefish

I'm a little behind in posting. On May 27th, my brother and I took my 6 yr old nephew to Bridgeport on the ferry. My nephew, Josh loves boats, trains, etc. He also likes to go to ball games with me. I think mostly because he get all of the ballpark goodies.
The ferry trip is about 1 hour and 15 minutes to Bridgeport and its a short 5 minute walk to the stadium. The Bluefish play at Harbor Yard
This was my 3rd trip to Bridgeport The first 2 times it rained. Last year my brother and I took the same trip. But, the game never started due to the rain. Josh did get to go on the ferry and that made his day. I've been trying to get the little guy into autographs. But, he is still alittle to young.
Since I was not alone the only graphing I would be doing is pre-game inside.
There was maybe 3 people graphing the game and only about 1000 people in attendance and this was a Sunday game. Bridgeport is at the bottom of the list as far as attendance goes.
Some of the players wore BP jackets when they came out of the dugout to stretch and it was a little harder to pick out the players because most of them had beards and looked like homeless men. I joked around with a few of them. I said to Josh Butler, whats with the playoff hockey beards? and he replied they were trying to get things going and get some wins. Well the beards to did not work. Somerset scored in each of the first 5 innings and at the start of the 6th the score was Somerset 15- Bluefish 4. The final ended up being 16-11.
That day i was able to get the following:
Hunter Jones, 2 cards. Hunter has pitched in parts of 2 seasons in the Majors. 2009 with Boston and 2010 with the Marlins.
Josh Butler, 2 cards. Josh was a 2nd round pick by Tampa in 2006. He pitched in 9 games in 2009 with the Brewers
Kanekoa Texeira, 2 cards. He has pitched in parts of 2 seasons in the Majors. 2010 with the Mariners and Royals and 2011 with the Royals
Hayden Penn, 2 cards. Hayden pitched in parts of 2005-06 for the O's, parts of 2009 with the Marlins and most recently in 2010 with the Pirates
Matt Spencer, 1 card. Matt has spent 7 years in the minors with the Phillies, A's and, Cubs reaching as high as AAA

 The arena in leftfield is the home of the Brideport Soundtigers who are the AHL affiliate of the New York Islanders. It used to be called the "Arena at Harbor Yard". But has since changed to Webster Bank Arena". I had posted pictures of the arena late December.

I attended last nights Duck game and hopefully I will post later tonight.

Thanks for reading and Check Back Soon!!