Rochester @ Railriders

Game 8 was the first of three game trip for me starting this past Thursday in Moosic, PA. PNC Field is the home of the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Railriders. The Railriders are the AAA affiliate of the New York Yankees.
The Railriders were playing the Rochester Redwings who are the Twins AAA affiliate.
The main goals for this game was to get Twins top pitching prospect Alex Meyers, who was starting the game. So, getting his auto waited till after the game as the players got onto the bus.
The Twins had Mike Pelfrey and Josh Willingham on rehab. So, getting them were next on my list.

Before getting a chance to get any autographs on the field the game was delayed about 30 mins after a heavy rain came thru.
Between pregame and by the bus I got the following,
Alex Meyer, OMLB on the SS. Alex was a 1st rd pick in 2011 by the Twins. Alex is the Twins 3rd rated prospect in the organization and the top rated pitcher. He is ranked #28 overall by MLB and #45 by Baseball America.
Mike Pelfrey, 3 cards. Mike was a 1st rd pick in 2005 by the Mets. He pitched for the Mets 2006 thru 2012 before signing as a FA with the Twins in 2013. Mike was not in uniform and I spotted him hanging out behind the plate with 2 other pitchers who were charting.
Josh Willingham, 1 card. Josh was a 17th rd pick in 2000 by the Marlins. He is an 11 year vet who has played for the Marlins, Nationals, A's and Twins. I missed him inside. But, was able to get him outside after the bus. He was 1 per.
Pedro Florimon, 2 cards. Pedro signed as a FA in 2004 by the Orioles. He had a 4 game stint in 2011 with the O's. He played 43 games in 2012 with the Twins, 134 in 2013 and had played 25 this season with the Twins.
Brad Nelson, 2 cards. Brad was a 4th rd pick in 2001 by the Brewers. He had a brief stints in 2008 and 2009 with the Brewers before moving onto the Mariners, Rangers and Cubs systems before signing on with the Twins.
Wilken Ramirez, 2 cards. Wilken signed as a FA in 2003 with the Tigers. He has had short stints in the majors with the Tigers in 2009, Braves in 2011 and with the Twins in 2013.
Logan Darnell, 2 cards. Logan was a 6th rd pick in 2010 by the Twins and has pitched in 1 game with the Twins earlier this season. Logan was charting during the game and sitting with Pelfrey.
A.J. Achter, 1 card. A.J was a 46th rd pick in 2010 by the Twins.
Trevor May, 2 cards. Trevor was a 4th rd pick in 2004 by the Phillies. Trevor is ranked as the Twins 12th overall prospect in the system.
Oswaldo Arcia, 1 card. Oswaldo signed as a FA in 2007 with the Twins. He had a 97 game stint in the majors in 2013 and earlier this season played 14 games. He is 1 per.
James Beresford, 4 cards. James signed as a FA in 2007 with the Twins. James also played for Australia in the WBC in 2009 and 2013.
Doug Bernier, 1 card. Doug signed as a FA in 2002 with the Rockies. He has had 2 brief stints in the majors. In 2008 he played in 8 games and in 33 games in 2013 with the Twins. Has also played in the Yankees and Pirates systems.
During the game I was able to get Zach Nuding while charting. Zach was a 30th rd pick in 2010 by the Yankees.
After Rochester's bus left I headed over to see who I could get on the railriders side. The only player that had not left yet that I had a card for was Joe Pirela, 1 card. Jose signed as a FA in 2007 with the Yankees.

Some random pics as I walked around during the game. PNC is one of my favorite new minor league parks because its built into the side of Montage Mountain and you can walk all around the field during the game.
 Alex Meyer

 Josh Willingham in the on deck
 Dean Anna

 Redwings bullpen from above.
 View from leftfield
 Long Island product Danny Burawa
 Railrider's bullpen from above
Behind the batters eye in center.

The next day I drove to Cooperstown. Hope to have the next post soon.

Thanks for Reading and Check back soon