Muckdogs at Renegades

Last night was Game 19 on the year for me and was my 27th different baseball stadium I've been to.
Dutchess Stadium is about 1 hour or so north of NYC in Wappinger Falls, NY.
Dutchess Stadium opening in 1994 and has a capacity of of a little less than 5,000.

 Like most low level A ball teams the bullpen is down the lines
 Rascal the racoon 
I do not care much for the appearance of the stadium. The consession are below the stands and does not allow for view of the game.  There is also no overhang and protection from the weather for the fans.
The atmosphere was pretty exciting though. The fans were into the game and the promo crew made sure of that. Gades as they are referred to had some interesting in between inning promos that I've never seen before.
As far as autographs goes. Both teams enter the field from the right field corner. There is no access from the dugouts to the clubhouses. The gates opened 1.5 hrs before game time and when the gates opened the Muckdogs were taking batting practice. I was able to get a few guys on my logo
I got the following Muckdogs
Ryan Aper, was the 6th rd pick in 2013. Also got him on 1 card
Kevin Grove, FA in 2014
Wildert Pujols, FA in 2012
Miles Williams, was the 15th rd pick in 2013
Aaron Blanton, was the 9th rd pick in 2013
Jose Adames, FA in 2011
Gabriel Castellasnos, FA in 2011
Jorgan Cavanerio, FA in 2011
Josh Hodges, was the 7th rd pick in 2009
Michael Mader, was the 3rd round supplemental pick in the 2014

Michael Mader ended up sitting next to me during the game. While he was videoing the Muckdog's batters.
He was real cool and we talking during most of the game and he told me about minor league life and what it was like being to be drafted as a top 200 prospect.
I'm not sure I will be able to finish this logo off this season. The Muckdogs do not come to Brooklyn this year. I may see them elsewhere though

My main goal for the day was to get the Rays 1st rd pick from this season Casey Gillaspie. Casey signed an 8x10. Casey is the brother of Conor and Cole who have both played in the majors and is the son of Mike who played in the minors

On the Renegades I got the following on a logo'
Tim Parenton, Manager
Manny Castillo Hitting Coach. Manny was signed in 1973 by the Mets and made it to the majors in 1980 with the Royals. He also played parts of 1982 and 1983 with the Mariners
Alec Sole, was the 18th rd pick in 2014
Braxton Lee, was the 12th rd pick in 2014
Darrin Fischer, was the 16th rd pick in 2013
Nolan Gannon, was the 4th rd pick in 2012
Mac James, was the 6th rd pick in 2014
Coty Blanchard, was the 15th rd pick in 2013
Jace Conrad, was the 13th rd pick in 2014
Leopoldo Correa, FA in 2009
Douglas Duran, FA in 2011
Hunter Lockwood, was the 11th rd pick in 2013
Gerardo Reyes, FA in 2014
Hunter Wood, was the 29th rd pick in 2013
Issac Gill, was the 31st rd pick in 2011
Brian Miller, was the 15th rd pick in 2014
Wilmer Dominguez, FA in 2009

Also got Bralin Jackson on 3 cards. Bralin was a 5th rd pick in 2012

I may go back to Hudson Valley this year since its not that far of a ride.

I may try to get to Brooklyn this week. Mike Conforto finally signed and word was he will not spend the rest of the season in Brooklyn. He will most likely be moved up before the end of the season

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon