Giants at Mets

Last night was Game 24. San Francisco played the Mets. I couldn't graph the parking lot.
I did the Giants side before the game and the only player to sign was Sergio Romo. Sergio was a 25th rd pick in 2005 by the Giants. Sergio was great about signing. He started further down the line and signed for everyone. Chatted as he signed.

 Some players signed over the dugout. But, did not come further down the line to sign.
Before the game even started there was a little excitement in the outfield. A fan who was on the party deck in left center fell onto the field during batting practice. I saw him as he was hitting the ground. He stayed on the ground until medics came to treat him. All of the players who where in the outfield rushed over to check on the guy
You see in the pic the players started to wave for assists when they realized that the guy was seriously hurt.

What happened was not funny. But, the guy got to meet half of the Giants. If that was me I would have been lying on the floor and asking the players to sign autographs for me. Lol.

I bought tix in the 300's and had access to the Acela Club which is the club in leftfield that overlooks the field. I had never sat up there and decided to have dinner there. It was $48 for dinner . But, if you wanted seats overlooking the field it was an extra $10. Its something I will not do often. So, I asked for a table that overlooks the field. There are 3 levels inside and one row of tables outside. We were seated in the top level that overlooks the field. After dinner I went outside and took some pics.
 The view from my table

Both Peavy and deGrom had no-hitters going into the 7th with the Mets scoring 4 in the bottom of the 7th. The Mets went onto win 4-2.
I stayed after the game for about an 1 hour hoping to get a few of the Giants while they left. I never saw any Giants leave and the only Met I saw was Jacob deGrom. He has been known not to sign.Other than me looking for auto's was a father and his young daughter. When deGrom came out I asked the little girl to ask him for an autograph thinking no player would say no and degrom didn't. After he signed for the little girl he signed an OMLB for me.

I never expect to do very well at a Major league. But, was happy to get degrom

Thanks for Reading and Check back soon