Bluefish at Ducks

Game 17 on the season was this past Monday. The Bluefish and Ducks played game 4 of the 4 game series.
I was going to go to Sunday's game. But, the weather was supposed to be bad and I didn't prepare for the day. I didn't have much for the Fish anyway
On Monday I graphed the Ducks inside. I had nothing but my own 8x10's to get signed and was able to get the following;
Delta Cleary Jr., Delta was a 37th rd pick in 2008 by the Rockies and started the 2015 season in Harrisburg, the Nationals AA affiliate. Delta reached AAA in 2014 while still in the Rockies system
Randy Ruiz, Randy was a 36th rd pick in 1996 by the Mets and spent parts of 3 season in the majors. In 2008 he played 22 games with the Twins, 33 games in 2009 with the Jays and another 13 games in 2010 with the Jays. Randy has also spent time in the Reds, O's, Phillies Royals, Yankees, Pirates and Giants system as well as Japan and Mexico.Randy is now a player coach with the Ducks this season.
Brian Sabatella
Reegie Corona
Mike Blanke, Mike was a 14th rd pick in 2010 by the White Sox. Before signing with the Ducks before the 2015 season, Mike spent all his time in the White Sox reaching AA. Mike was signed by the Red Sox shortly after the ATL season started. But, only spent about a week with Portland, the AA affiliate of the Red Sox before being released and returning to the Ducks
Jon Griffin

 I'm giving Delta an unofficial nickname "Happy". I think the look on his face is permanent,

Getting these six 8x10's done tonight brings my total to 309 autographs on the IP season.

I'm thinking about going to Brooklyn this weekend. But, the weather looks questionable and I'm not sure what I'm doing.

Thanks for Reading and Check Soon!!