Renegades at Cyclones, Sidd Finch....

Last night was Game 34 on the season for me. I watched the Hudson Valley Renegades play the Cyclones. It was game 3 of a 3 game home at home series with the Cyclones getting the 1st and 3rd game of the 3 at home.
The Cyclones also held a 30th anniverary of Sidd Finch night in which they gave out Sidd Finch bobbleheads.
For those who are not familiar with the story of Sidd Finch, 
Sidd Finch was a fictional baseball player made up by a writer for Sports Illustraded back in 1985. George Plimpton was the writer. The story was meant as an April Fools Joke. Sidd Finch was this pitcher who was supposed to be able to throw a ball up to 168 mph. Sidd was to play for the Mets
Joe Berton,  AKA Sidd Finch posed for pictures that appeared in SI. 
Joe Berton appeared at the stadium and threw out the first pitch and then signed autographs on the concourse during the game. 
I had Berton signed the base of the bobblehead and then a OMLB in which he signed his real name and then Sidd Finch.

The Mets also brought 2015 2nd rd pick Desmond Lindsey up from GCL today. I had nothing for him but a NY-Penn League GU ball I had gotten earlier in the season.
Desmond was the Mets 2nd rd pick this season and since the Mets gave up the 1st rd pick to sign Mike Cuddyer, Desmond was the Mets Top Pick for 2015.

The Cyclones also came out with there team set and I started getting the cards signed and got the following
Dave LaRoche, Team card
Gaby Almonte, Team card
Tyler Badamo, Team card
Nicco Blank, Team card
Kevin Canelon, Team card
Jose Celas, Team card
Andrew Church, Team card
P.J. Conlon, Team card
Craig Missigman, Team card
Alex Palsha, Team card
Carlos Valdez, Team card
Brandon Brosher, Team card
Jose Garcia, Team card
Manny Hilario, Team card
Wil Fulmer, Team card
Branden Kaupe, Team card
Zach Mathieu, Team card
Pedro Perez, Team card
Alfredo Reyes, Team card
Vinny Siena, Team card and NY-Penn League Prospects card
David Thompson, Team card and NY-Penn League Prospect card
Michael Bernal, Team card
Hengelbert Rojas, Team card
Enmanual Zabala, Team card

When I picked up the NY-Penn League Prospect set, 2 Renegades were included in the set
I got
Cameron Varga, Cameron was a 2nd rd pick in 2014 by the Rays, Cameron is ranked 21st Top Prospect in the Rays Systm
Brandon Koch, Brandon was a 4th rd pick this season by the Rays

I got 32 autographs which brings my season total to 680

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