Blue Crabs at Ducks, Pre game autograph session

Today was Game 9 on the season for me and it was the final game of the Ducks homestand. Sunday as usual is the pre-game autograph session. I got the following during the session.
Tyler Colvin, (2) 8x10's. Tyler was a 1st rd pick (13th overall) in 2006 by the Cubs and played in parts of 6 seasons in the majors with the Cubs 2009-2011, Rockies 2012-2013 and Giants 2014. Tyler hit 20 homers in 2010 in 135 games and 18 homers in 2012 with the Rockies and spent the 2015 season playing in AAA in the White Sox system.  Tyler recently signed and is the replacement on the roster for Nate Freiman who signed with the Red Sox earlier in the week.
Matt Wessinger, 1 card. Matt was a 5th rd pick in 2012 by the Rockies. While in the Rockies system he reached Advanced A and was a teamate of Ducks pitcher Bruce Kern
Eury De La Rosa, 2 cards. Eury signed as a free agent in 2008 with the D-Backs and pitched for the D-Backs in 2013 and 2014. Eury pitched AAA in the Padres, Dodgers and A's system in 2015
Todd Coffey, 2 cards
Nick Struck, 1 card, Nick was a 39th rd pick in 2009 by the Cubs. Nick pitched in the Cubs system 2010-1013 and the Dodgers system 2014 reaching as high as AAA. This is the Nick's second season witht he Ducks
Sean Burroughs, Locker Name Plate

Opening Day plate from 2004 while Sean played for the Padres

On the Crabs side I graphed outside before the game and outside after the game. I attempted to get Lombardozzi inside again. But, he told us he would get us later.
I got the following Blue Crabs
Cody Epply, Locker name plate. Cody was a 43rd rd pick in 2008 by the Rangers and pitched in parts of 3 seasons in the majors with the Rangers 2011 in 10 games, Yankees 2012 in 59 games and Yankees 2 games in 2013. Cody has also pitched in the Twins and Pirates system before signing with to play in the Atlantic League. I had gotten to the stadium earlier then planned because I thought the game was a 1:05, when it was a 1:35 game. The pitched get to the bullpen from outside the stadium. So, I hung around outside before the game
Steve Lombardozzi Jr. 8x10. Steve was a 19th rd pick in 2008 by the Nationals and has played in parts of 5 seasons in the majors with he Nationals 2011-2013, O's 2014, 20 games and 12 games with the Pirates in 2015. Steve has not been very fan friendly and has not signed. I was able to get him to sign after the game at the bus.
Gary Brown, 2 cards I had gotten Gary on 1 card during the previous series the Crabs played vs the Ducks and he seemed to be 1 per. But, signed 2 for me outside near the bus.
Gustovo Molina, 8x10. Gustovo signed as a free agent in 2000 with the White Sox and has played parts of 4 seasons in the majors with the White Sox 2007 in 10 games, O's also in 2007 in 7 games, Mets 2008 in 2 games, Red Sox 2010 in 4 games and Yankees 2011 in 3 games.

Yankee plate from a game when they visited the Rockies

Game pics
 Former D-Back, Eury De La Rosa

 Jamar Walton
 Former Cub, Rockie and Giants and recently signed Tyler Colvin

 Former O's pitcher Brian Burres

Blake Tekotte

The Ducks go on a road and return home Tuesday May 24th for a 3 game series vs the Bluefish. I will most likely go to 1 of the first 2 games and then leave for my Hall of Fame Classic trip that will start  in Syracuse.

Thanks for Reading and Check back soon!!!!