2016 Cyclones Home Opener....

This past Friday was the Brooklyn Cyclones Home opener vs the Staten Island Yankees. This was game 19 on the season for me. I was hoping that the Mets two 1st round picks would have signed in time for the opener. But, they had not. The 3rd pick Peter Alonso is still playing in hopes to advance to the College World Series. Last years Mets top pick Desmond Lindsey was also absent since pulling his hamstring in Extended Spring Training. Desmond is set to return sometime in July.
As usual I do team logo sheets for any team in the NY-Penn League. At the moment non of the Cyclones have cards until Desmond Lindsey returns and 2016 1st rd pick Anthony Kay signs.

On the Cyclones Logo Sheet I was able to get the following
Jacob Zanon, 2016 15th rd pick
Vincente Lupo, 2011 Free Agent
Nick Sergakis, 2016 23rd pick
Dale Burdick, 2014 40th rd pick
Yeffry De Aza, 2014 Free Agent
Jay Jabs, 2016 17th rd pick
Santo Marte, 2013 Free Agent
Darryl Knight, 2014 14th rd pick
Dillon Becker 2015 16th rd pick
Adam Atkins 2016 18th rd pick
Taylor Henry, 2015 21st rd pick
Ali Sanchez, 2014 Free Agent
Brandon Brosher, 2013 36th rd pick
Dan Rizzie, 2016 13th rd pick
Dionis Paulino, 2014 Free Agent
Arnaldo Berrios, 2014 39th rd pick
Hengelbert Rojas, 2012 Free Agent
Austin McGeorge, 2016 7th rd pick
Gary Cornish, 2016 19th rd pick
Nicco Blank, 2014 25th rd pick
Adrian Almeida, 2012 Free Agent
Bryce Beeler, 2014 19th rd pick
Raul Jacobson, 2015 Free Agent after spending a short time in the Frontier League with the Shaumburg Flyers
Merandy Gonzalez, 2013 Free Agent
Harol Gonzalez, 2014 Free Agent
Joseph Zanghi, 2015 24th rd pick
Gabriel Feliz, 2010 Free Agent
Joel Huertas, 2014 16th rd pick

28 Autographs on the Logo

On the Yankees side I was able to the following
Kendall Coleman, 2013 Free Agent
Anyelo Gomez, 2013 Free Agent
Brooks Kriske, 2016 6th rd pick
Kolton Mahoney, 2015 16th rd pick
Dave Bialias, Team Manager
Travis Phelps, Team Pitching coach
Keith Skinner, 2016 7th rd pick
Luis Torrens, 2013 Free Agent. Missed all of 2015 due to an injury. Currently ranked in the Yankees Top 30 at #12
Daulton Blaser, 2016 8th rd pick
Drew Bridges, 2013 20th rd pick
Ricardo Ferreira, 2014 Free Agent
Chris Godinez, 2015 18th rd pick by the Dodgers
Danienger Perez, 2015 Free Agent
Adonis Rosa, 2014 Free Agent
Michael Schaub, 2010 38th rd pick by the Brewers. Missed 2013 season and pitched in the Frontier League for 2014 and part of 2015 before signing with the Yankees
Mandy Alvarez, 2016 17th rd pick

16 Autograhs on this Logo with a Total of 44 on the night.

I bought $20 worth of a raffle with the chance to win 4 different jerseys, and 1 GU Lineup card. I won this GU Cyclones Jersey that was worn during Sunday home games. I'm trying to investigate who wore the jersey. I was told at the stadium that Jordany Valdespin wore the jersey in 2008 and I do believe Brandon Nimmo wore #8 during the early part of 2012. I'm actually waiting on him to confirm that with me.
Of the 4 jerseys I could have won. This was the best in my opinion. The others were worn on Theme nights. None of which were Star Wars nights.

I have 2 Ducks games to write about and I will be going to the Cyclones game tonight for the Michael Conforto Bobblehead night.

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!