Game 8 Columbia Fireflies at Lakewood Blueclaws, Tim Tebow

Game 8 was May 14th. I had tickets to the May 13th game also. But, that game was rained out and was made up as a double header on the 15th. I was hoping that the 13th would have been the DH. But, it was Mothers Day.
The Columbia Fireflies are the mid level A affiliate of the Mets and Tim Tebow plays leftfield for the Fireflies.
Game time was 1pm and the Blueclaws opened to gates 30 minutes earlier since Tim Tebow was in town. I thought they would have Tebow sign at a table on the concourse. But, no such luck.
I got to the stadium around 8:30 am. So, we could graph the bus hoping Tebow would sign before going into the stadium.  When we arrived at the stadium there was about 6 guys already. When the team bus arrived at around 10:30 there must have been about 30 guys.
Just before the bus arrived 4 local cops showed up. I then knew it would be tough to Tebow. Last time I saw cops in Lakewood was for Bryce Harper who was escorted into the stadium by the cops.
Well that is what would have with Tebow. The surrounded him and walked him into the stadium. While walking into the stadium Tebow signed about 6 or 7 items. But, I didnt get him.  Strike 1 with Tebow for me. I had brought a Florida Gators mini helmet.
When the gates opened we all ran to the 3rd base side which is the visiting side at First Energy. There was a decent crowd. The whole 3rd base side had graphers waiting for Tebow. It was not as bad as the Harper games I had been to in the past in Lakewood.
After Tebow stretched and threw the ball abit he came over to sign autographs. He started further down the 3rd base line and I was assuming he would work his way back to the dugout and sign for everyone. But, that was not the case. He seemed to sign for kids and it seemed like he was avoiding football items. I didn't get him inside either. Strike 2 for me.
Since I struck out again I set started to get other stuff I had for the other Fireflies. Since most of the guys on the Fireflies played for the Cyclones last season. It was easy picking out the guys I needed.
I got the following Fireflies:
Dash Winningham, 2016 Fireflies team card
Milton Ramos, 4 cards 2016 Fireflies team card and 3 Bowman cards
Matt Blackham, 2015 Cyclones team card
Michael Paez, 3 cards
Desmond Lindsey, 3 cards, 2016 Bowman
Merendy Gonzalez, 8x10. Merendy is having a breakout season.
Jonathan Hurst, 2016 Fireflies team card, Fireflies pitching coach and former Mets pitcher

Just as the game ended the rain came. We waited in the car after the game with hopes the rain would end. During the game we noticed that the Fireflies team bus was pulled behind the center field fence. Which I had never seen and meant that we would have NO access to get autographs. 
With that we went to the Blueclaws side of the stadium hoping to get Mickey Moniak again.
While waiting for Moniak we noticed that Tebow walked out the front gate and entered a car. We couldn't make it to him in time to ask him to sign. Thats strike 3 on the day. 
I left Lakewood without Tebow.
I did manage to get another Moniak on one of my photos I had taken a few weeks earlier. 
I also got Nick Fanti and Trevor Bettoncourt on 8x10's that I had also taken a few weeks ago. 
Both Fanti and Bettoncourt combined for a No-No a few days earlier. Fanti is also a Long Island product.

This Moniak is the worst of the 3 autographs I got from him. I wonder if he recognized me and gave me crappy version of his autograph. He gave my friend a much nicer one.

As far as seeing Tebow play today, It is my opinion that he will never play in the Majors. But, alot of people think he will be brought up only to bring fans to the stadium

Today I got a total of 17 autographs which brings my season total to 108 on the season.

I still have 3 games and one free public signing to write about. I hoping to get to those posts in the next few days.

The Ducks come home this Friday for a series with the Lancaster Barnstormers.
For the past 4 years I would be preparing for the Hall of Fame Classic. But, this year I will not be attending because I have a friends wedding this weekend. 

Thanks for Reading and check back soon