I'm not much of a basketball fan and this will probably be my first and only post about the sport.
Since, I live in Knicks country its hard not to hear everyone talking about this kid, Jeremy Lin. If its not in the newspaper, its on TV and now everyone in the office is talking about him. Even my companies office manager got excited when she saw the newspaper on my desk. I didnt even think she even knew what basketball was.
He has only played 15 games for the Knicks and he seemed to have changed the dynamic of the team in such a short time.
The other thing that amazes is me is the prices of his cards and autographs on Ebay already. The following link is for a autograped card that sold on ebay and at the moment is the most expensive Lin card to sell. $4,800!!! Are these people insane?!?!?!. Another autographed card sold for $3,099.
What about this crack head! Buy it Now for $68K New auctions are posting faster than I write this. .
There is even one of his middle school years book on Ebay from 2001 that he signed. Best Offer $4,800. 
It gets even better. Someone on Ebay is trying to sell 2 domain names that feature Jeremy Lin's name. Buy it Now $500k
Now there is an auction of Ebay for Lin's GU Knicks Jersey and shorts from his first game. But It Now for $100k.

I sure hope that he becomes a Monster in the NBA! Because if anyone is crazy enough to pay these prices and he bombs out. It would be catastrophic!

I will do my best NOT to get sucked into this hype. By buying basketball cards hoping to pull his auto. Can You?
My last thought. The Giants Win the Super Bowl, the Rangers are having a great year. The Knicks are currently 8 games out of 1st and are in the 8th and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conf. halfway in the already shortened season. The Big question is can Jeremy Lin continue this and help bring a NBA Title to NYC?
Imagine the 3 NY teams win the Title in the same year! There is even a chance that the Yankees win the World Series.
This could be a great year in sports for the NYC!