Binghamton Mets at Trenton Thunder

Yesterday I took the 2.5 hr drive to Trenton NJ. Home of the Trenton Thunder the AA affiliate to the New York Yankees. The only reasons I took the drive was because I'm a Mets fan and I was hoping to get Zack Wheeler's autograph.
I've not been to Trenton since 2001 when they were the AA affiliates for the Redsox. It didn't seem to change much. Once nice thing about the stadium is that it is on the Delaware River.
I was able to get 23 autographs. I only tried for the B-Mets and did not have many cards. Here is a break down on how I did
Zack Wheeler (2) SSOMLB and 3 cards. This kid is an autograph machine he is an awesome IP signer. I got one of the OMLB done inside with the 3 cards and then the other OMLB I got done outside while the players were walking to the bus.
Matt Den Dekker SS OMLB and 1/3 cards. Ugly autograph
Darin Gorski SS OMLB. This kid pitched a great game. 8 inning shutout, giving up 7 hits, no walks and 3 K's
Reese Havens 1 card. I was on the fence on whether to get him on a OMLB. His stock in the Mets system has falled off as of late. He can't seem to stay healthy.
Jefry Marte signed a GU Bat that I had picked up on ebay.

Darin Gorski on the left, (2) Zack Wheeler's and Matt Den Dekker on the right

                                       Jefry Marte signed GU Bat and as you see its an ugly autograph

Then on a partial team ball I was able to get the following,
Robert Carson, Mark Cohoon, Gonzalez German, Jeff Kaplan, Collin McHugh, Brandon Moore, Erik Turgeon, Juan Centeno, Eric Campbell, Jefry Marte, Rylan Sandoval, Joe Bonfe, Matt Den Dekker, Pedro Zapata

I never made any attempt to try for any of the Thunder players. The only guy on the 40 man roster is Melky Mesa and from talking to some of the local graphers. Mesa is not easy to get.

A few pics of the stadium,

 If you are a dog lover, you will think this is awesome. They have a golden retriever fetch the bats during a few innings. At one point the Golden carried out a basket of water bottles to the umpires.
                Boomer the mascot, in addition they also had a full size lightning bolt name Strike walking around
3 uniform numbers that are retired are Tony Clark, Nomar Garciaparra and of course Jackie Robinson.

Not sure when I will graph again. I do have tickets to next Sundays Mets game vs the Reds. But, my 13 yr old nephew is going and I'm not sure I can him up early.
Thanks for reading and check back soon