Still Alive.....

Hey guys its been awhile. I'm still alive. There has not been much going on during this winter IP season for me. The NHL season started late, the weather and some personal stuff that was more important happened than graphing.
I plan on doing at least 2 more Islander games before the end of the NHL season and then baseball starts.
The Mets opener is April 1st and then the Ducks open late in April and this season for the first time the Ducks are holding a FanFest on April 13th. Not sure if I'm going. The Rangers are in to play the Islanders on the 13th and would rather graph the Rangers.
This coming baseball season maybe the most exciting since the MLB All-Star game will be played at Citi Field in July. The Fan Fest should be fun and I may try the Futures Game and the Celebrity Softball game.

Thanks for reading and Check Back Soon!