Graphing going to Far!!!!

Someone posted the following video on a Facebook Autgraph Group I belong to and it just shows how people can ruin the IP graphing experience.

According to the video, this incident recently happened at JFK here in NY. Danny Devito is 68 years old and after watching the video a few times. I'm sure he wouldn't have fallen if he was not being hasseled by these dealers just looking to make a $$. Mr. Devito's wife should have started beating these guys over there heads with her bag.
Some people think these people following Mr. Devito were collectors.  I'm sure none of them are collectors. They are all DEALERS. They all appeared to be prepared with photo's to be signed. I'm mean how many of us collectors have 8x10's of Danny Devito in the back pockets? I'm sure none.
In some of my past experiences its usaully the fans who get hurt, not he celeb or athlete.