Patriots @ Ducks

Yesterday was game 31 for me. The Patriots and the Ducks finished up a 4 game series. The Ducks hold there typical Sunday pregame autograph session. I had taken some 8x10's of the newer players and found a couple more Bill Hall cards.
I got the following:
Willis Otanez, 8x10. Willis is 22 year minor league vet. He spent parts of 2 season in the majors. In 1998 be played for the Orioles and then half of 1999 with the Jays. He has also played in the Dodgers and Braves system and has spent the last 10 years bouncing back and forth between Mexico and the ATL
Leo Rosales, 8x10. Leo was a 20th rd pick in 2003 by the Padres. He has pitched in 76 major league games between 2008-2010 with the D-Backs
Daniel Herrera, 8x10.
Ryan Strieby, 8x10
Bill Hall, 2 cards. He usually only signs 1 per if you get him before the game or outside.

and on the Patriots side I only needed 1 pitcher
Graham Taylor, 2 cards. Graham was a 10th rd pick in 2006 by the Marlins and he started 3 games in 2009 with the Marlins. 11 IP and ERA of 8.18. He never made it back and played until last season in AA
 Bill Hall's autograph looks worse each time I get it. Probably because he recognizes me
 Ryan Strieby is very funny signing. He barley even pressed the pen on the photo. He is a 2 per and in my opinion he does not even want to sign that many
Willis Otanez has a nice autograph
Had a pretty good mail day today. Got 1 redemption and 1 box from Ebay.
I picked up a Jose Valentin GU 2007 Batting helmet w/Stiener LOA.

and the redemption was from Pannini in about 6 weeks. David Wright Prizm base autograph
Why can't Topps get there act together and get redemptions out in 6 weeks. I got another redemption out of a box 2013 Topps Pro Debut the other day. I'm sure it will be 6 to 8 months. Just Sad!!
Anyway, I went the Ducks game tonight and left when the rain started. They where down 7-2 in the top of the 4th. Chris McCoy's line tonight was 4.1 innings, 15 hits and 11 runs, all earned. I hope Pfaff is on the phone and pulls a rabbit out of his hat
I will try to write about tonight, tomorrow or the next day. Sorry for being a little behind
Thanks for Reading and Check back Soon!!