Revolution @ Ducks

Game 29 for me was last night as the Revolution and the Ducks played the 4th and final game of this series and it was also the last game the Ducks and the Revs will play here on Long Island. The Ducks won the 4 game series. 3 games to 1.
Since it was also a sunday. There was also a pre-game autograph session and there was a bobblehead  given out also. The bobblehead featured local TV Hottie, Elisa DiStefano.
 I've ever seen a bobblehead that really looks like the person it features and this bobblehead was no different. I did think Elisa is Hottter it person then on TV.
She was signing autographs. But, I chose not to wait online and miss a few innings.
There was not much I needed on the Ducks side for the autograph session. I had picked up a Ramon Castro 2007 Game Issued Mets Jersey and finally got it signed.
I also got Daniel Herrera on 1 card and 1 NY custom. Daniel was a 45th rd pick in 2006 by the Texas Rangers. He pitched for parts of the 2008-2010 seasons for the Reds and then pitched for the Brewers and Mets in parts of 2011.
Pete Budlevics, signed one of my 8x10's. Pete is a local product and pitched in 2010 and 2011 in the Dodgers system getting as high as Mid A ball. I believe he signed with Windy City of the American Association in 2012. But, did not pitch
Nick DeBarr, signed one of my 8x10's. Nick was a 14th rd pick in 2002 by the Tampa Rays. He has pitched in the Rays and Dodgers system getting as high as AAA. Nick had come over in a late season trade in 2012 from Grand Prarie of the American Association. The American Association's season ends before the Atlantic League's does and very often teams will trade players to Atlantic League for a player to be named later. Often those players are returned to there respective teams for them selves at the end of the season. Nick chose to return to the Ducks for the 2013 season.
Bryant Nelson, signed one of my 8x10's.
On the York side I got
Mark Teahen and Matt Spencer to signed of my 8x10's.
Then after the game I was able to finish off who I needed on York and got
Zack Segovia, 4 cards. Zack was a 2nd rd pick in 2002 by the Phillies. He pitched in 1 game in 2007 for the Phillies and then pitched in 8 games for the Nationals in 2009. He has also pitched in the Yankees, Tigers and Brewers system before pitching in the ATL in 2013.
Rommie Lewis, 2 cards. Rommie was a 4th rd pick in 2001 by the Orioles. He pitched in 14 games in 2010 for the Blue Jays and then another 6 in 2011 for the Jays.
Juan Rincon, 1 card.

As I mentioned earlier. The ATL's schedule goes almost 2 weeks longer then the other Indy Leagues do. It will be interesting to see who the Ducks get via trades to help with pitching depth.
In the past Jon Hunton, Matt Way and Mark Brownell have all come to the Ducks via tradea at the end of the season and have been very helpful getting the Ducks into the post season. Last season Bobby Blevins helped. But, this season I believe the Rockland Boulders are in the playoff hunt and I'm not sure he will be back.
The Ducks come home after a short road trip this Thursday and will play an 8 game homestand. 4 vs the Patriots and then 4 vs. the Lancaster Barnstormers. I do not have much for the Patriots. But, since this is Lancasters first visit to the island this season. I should have plenly of cards for them.
I'm also thinking of doing a 2 or 3 game trip during the the last weekend of this month. Possibly Lehigh Valley and then back to Binghamton to get everyone I missed because of the rain.
Also fast approaching is the NHL season. I think I will cut down the number of games I do. I'm sought of sick of standing in the cold and freezing. I will make a few acceptions though. The Flyers are playing a Saturday game this season and I have to graph my favorite team.
Thanks for Reading and Check Back soon!!!!!