Nationals Park Tour

While in DC last weekend for the Redskins game. We had time on Sunday morning and took a tour of the Nationals Park. It was the last day MLB stadium conducted tours. We took the 10:30 am tour and it was just my nephew and I and a family of 4.Its not a bad tour for just $15.

After the Nationals moved from Montreal they played at RFK stadium from 2005 to 2007 and then moved into Nationals Park in 2008. Construction had begun in May 2006 at a cost of $698 Million.
The stadium holds 41,418. But, in Oct 2012 they broke an attendance record with 45,966 vs a game against the Cardinals
The stadium is pretty easy to get to and is off of I-395, it is also a short walk from 2 Metro stations. Which is DC's version of the NYC subway system. Only a million times cleaner.

 The centerfield gate is the Main entrance
  Frank Howard Statue located in the Plaza in Center field
 Walter Johnson Statue located in the Plaza in Center field

 The Washington Monument

 The Capital Building from the main concourse
 View from the press box

 Looking down into the Nats indoor batting cage from a club
 The very table that Davey Johnson would give his post game news conference from.
 The Nats clubhouse. 
 A little motivation for the Nats while they go between the clubhouse and the dugout.
 Bryce Harper's helmet cubbie
 Home plate from the top step of the dugout
 Looking down the right field line

 This is what the Nats relievers see when watching a game.
 Me standing at the Nats bullpen gate
Looking up  the scoreboard from right field
The Nats batting cage

While taking the tour the guide would tell us the ticket prices from the different sections throughout the stadium. The ticket prices directly behind home plate are $350. How much are those same tickets at Citi Field or Yankee Stadium? Its Crazy. I believe at Citi, those same tickets are $1250!!
There is are sections of $5 ticket that are saved for game day sales.

Rumor was and the tour guide confirmed that Ryan Zimmerman and Jason Werth live in DC year round. I figured they may come to the stadium to workout. So, I was prepared with a few baseballs and some custom IC's. But, no luck on the autograph front.

My next chance at IP auto's will be Dec 21st when the Ducks are in town and then the following saturday the Devils are in to play the Isles.

Thanks for Reading and Check Back soon!!!