Aberdeen IronBirds @ Cyclones

Game 16 on the year was yesterday in Brooklyn. Yesterday was also a bobblehead day. I was not a fan back in the day of the show Seinfeld. But, there was an episode were former Met Great Keith Hernandez was in. Something to do with splitting. Not really sure the whole story though. The bobblehead was of Keith out of uniform and the promotion attracted alot of fans of both bobbleheads and Seinfeld.
I had family with me and we started the day off by hitting Nathans and then a ride or 2 at the famous Luna Park which is just beyond the outfield fence at MCU Park.
The Wonder Wheel took 2 years to be built, starting in 1918 and was finished in 1920 and is 150 feet tall. It gives you a great view of Coney Island.
 View of the bay from the Wheel

 The NYC Skyline
 The World Famous Roller Coaster, The Cyclone
MCU Park  
 Coney Island subway station
The Wonder Wheel

 Is started my typical logo sheet and got the following on the Ironbirds:
Matt Merullo, Manager and former Major League Catcher. Matt was a 7th rd pick in 1986 by the White Sox. He played parts of 6 years in the Majors with the White Sox, Indians and Twins.
Justin Viele, was the 37th rd pick in 2013
Tad Gold, was the 35th rd pick in 2014
Stephan Wilkerson, was the 8th rd pick in 2014
Jay Gonzalez, was the 10th rd pick in 2014
Owill Lartiquez, FA signing in 2010
Jamill Moquete, was the 32 rd pick in 2014
Derrick Bleeker, was a 37th rd pick in 2012
Tanner Chleborad, was the 16th rd pick in 2014
Stefan Crichton,  was a 23rd rd pick in 2013
Josh Walker, was the 22th rd pick in 2014
Brandon Collunccio, FA signing in 2014
Alex Murphy, was the 6th rd pick in 2013
Tanner Murphy,  was the 22nd rd pick in 2010
Federico Castagnini, was the 30th rd pick in 2013
Riley Palmer, was the 31st rd pick in 2014
Austin Pfeiffer, was the 27th rd pick in 2014
Hector Veloz, FA signing in 2011
Dariel Delgado,  was a 29th rd pick in 2011 by the Reds
Matthew Grimes, was the 18th rd pick in 2014
David Hess, was a 5th rd pick in 2014
Nigel Nootbaar, was the 12th rd pick in 2014
Nik Nowittnick, FA signing in 2013
Bennett Perry, was the 40th rd pick in 2011

I was unable to stay after the game for autographs and I'm sure at some point I will finish the logo.

My next game was the Ducks earlier today.

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon