Yankee Stadium Seat Back, MLB Auction and Beckett Grading....

I've gotten a couple of random things since my last post.

After having 3 Yankee Stadium seat backs for over a year. I decided to start getting one of them signed.
I started with Doc Gooden at a local show and then I got Bucky Dent when he did a signing at the Steiner Store.

Once in a while I check out the auctions on MLB.com and I found two signed 8x10's for a decent prices.
For $35, I got Carlos Delgado and for $10, I got Kris Benson. I never got the chance to get Delgado and I wished it he would have been in a Mets uni. But, Delgado in a Jays uni will do.
Both come with MLB holograms.

I sent in four more cards to Beckett for grading and got them back a few days ago. I did 20 day turnarounds. 20 day is not the cheapest or most expensive.

All of the cards go 10's on the auto's and none are for sale or trade.

A few nights ago I went to the last Islanders game of the year. Atleast it was the last game with my 5 game pak I bought earlier in the season. The Islanders played the Predators. I was able to get former Islander Great, Bobby Nystrom on my ticket stub. The auto did not come out great. Bobby was great signed for everyone.

I will probably do a few more shows before the baseball season and I'm already planning for the HOF Baseball Classic in Cooperstown during the Memorial Day Weekend.

Thanks for Reading and Check back soon!!!!