Revs at Ducks

Tuesday night was Game 24 on the year for me.
The York Revolution are in town for a 4 game series with the Ducks and Tuesday was game 2.
I did not have much for the Revs and didn't even get everything done.
I only got the following
Frank Gailey, 2 cards. Frank was a 23rd rd pick in 2007 by the Jays. Frank spent the last 8 seasons in the minors playing in the Jays system 207-2012, Phillies 2012 and A's 2013-2014 reaching as high as AAA
Matt Neil, 2 cards. Matt was a 29th rd pick in 2011 by the Marlins. Matt pitched in the Marlins system 2011-2013, then the Rays 2014 and signed with the Revs late last season and pitched in 3 games and resigned for the 2015 season.

The Revs also have Wilson Valdez, Brandon Boggs and Eric Patterson who are all known to either be very rude or ignore us altogether. I did bring cards for them. But, this time they all chose to ignore the few of us graphing

The 4 autos on the night brings me to a total of 515 on the season.

Some Game Photos
 Former Pirate, Donnie Veal
 Catcher Mike Blanke
 Wantagh Native, Steve McQuail 
 Wantagh Native, Steve McQuail about to make contact
 3rd Baseman, Cody Puckett
 Ducks Starter, Bobby Blevins
 Former Texas Ranger, Brandon Boggs

 CFer Delta Cleary JR

 The sky was Threatening. But, it never rained
 2nd baseman Blake Davis
It was Ghostbuster Night

The plan is to graph Trenton either Saturday or Sunday, not sure yet.

Thanks for Reading and Check back soon!!!!!