Strong Island Grapher Introduction

I've been reading various different blogs online. Mostly about Baseball cards, Autographs and Sports Memorabilia and thought it would cool to start my own. I will write about my past and future experiences while doing the TTM thing and IP graphing. I may also write about current events and happenings in Baseball, Football and Hockey. I've never been much of a Basketball fan. Probably because I was never any good at it. The guys in gym class used to call me Ground Jordan.

I've probably been collecting baseball cards for the last 25 years or so. I stopped for awhile in the late 90's and early 2000's. After I started up again with the cards, I then started in with collecting autographs and then that turned into collecting Sports Memorabilia. I'm a lifelong Mets, Redskins and Flyers fan. So, I try to stick with Memorabilia from those teams. When it comes to autographs I collect it all. Most of my collection consists of Baseball, Hockey, and Football.

My first autograph was Clint Hurdle in 1987. He appeared at a small baseball card shop in the Village of Patchogue. Dave Magadan and Cal Abrams also appeared that year at that shop.

After starting the TTM thing back in 2008, my collections have grown to every sport and even have some celebs.

I didn't start IP graphing until I was old enough to drive myself to Shea Stadium. Growing up 45 mins east of Shea made it tough for me.

Now a days during the baseball season you may catch me graphing a Mets, Cyclones or Long Island Ducks game. During the hockey season on the weekends you may find me at the Nassau Coliseum. If you ever run into me. Do not be afraid to say hello. I'm one of the nice guys out there.
You may also recongnize my name from Sports Cards Forum and Baseball Fever.

I've been to 23 different Major and Minor League Stadiums, 4 different Hockey Arenas, 2 Football Stadiums and 4 different NASCAR tracks over the years. Please do not hold the Nascar tracks against me. My ex GF is a Dale JR. fan. Although I still like Nascar. I'll stick to watching it in the luxury of my own home and probably will never attend another race.
In 2010, I did get the chance to make it to Spring Training in Florida. I had a great time and hope to get down there again. Its a must for any baseball fan.
This will be a work in progress and hopefully I can build a nice blog that everyone enjoys reading and finds informative.