IP Edicate

This is just me venting abit. But, I usually read some of the card forums, mostly Sports card forum and Baseball-Fever to see how others are doing with the IP graphing and it amazes me to read how many cards these guys are asking the players to sign.
Today I read someone had a player sign 8 cards and he stated the player wouldn't let him flip the page. 8 cards is not enough? The player was a Indy leaguer also. In the same post he stating he got Angel Berroa on 25 cards.  WTF!!! I'm assuming this is a kids. The most I put on a board for a player is 4 and what ever they sign. I'm happy with.
Back in 2010, I got the chance to go down to Spring training and I was at Cardinals camp. This was the first year Big Mac was there batting coach. There was an organized line for him to sign. I'm online and get one OMLB signed.  A kid behind me gets 6 OMLB's signed. So, I thought to myself, what the heck. So, I got back online. I had brought 2 dozen balls with me. But, decided to just get one more signed and to this day I still have both balls.
The other thing is, what happened to the words Please and Thank You? I do not hear that alot from the others I graph along side.
Just this past weekend when I was in Baltimore, Jake Arrieta had gotten on the golf cart in the player parking lot and 9 out 10 times that meant the player would not sign. This one guys next to be is yelling
"Please Jake" Arrieta gets off the cart and comes over and says he will sign for just that one guy because he said please. He signs the one item and gets back on the cart.
Just a quick rant, Thanks for reading