2012 SP Signature Mini Box Break.........

I haven't posted any box or pack breaks since I started the blog. But, today I felt I needed to share a pack break with you guys.
I picked up a mini box of the new 2012 SP Signatures Series cards. The mini box contains 3 cards, 3 hits per box. 2 autograph cards and either 1 dual signed card or patch autograph card.
I usually pick up a pack of Bowman Sterling or Tribute along with a pack of something else. But, today when I went into my local shop he had neither. I notice he had the new 2012 SP cards.So, I decided to spend a little more than usual. The Tribute and Bowman Sterling are usually in the $50-$60 range per pack/mini box. This mini box was $90.
To date the best pack pull for me was a 2002 UD Babe Ruth GU Bat card /1033. More recently I pulled a 2012 Tribute Hank Aaron GU Bat card, not numbered. As far as autographs go, 2007 UD Ultimate
Carl Yastzemski autograph /10, then 
 a David Price Tri-Star autograph and a 2008 Evan Longoria Topps Stadium Club autograph.

A quick overview of the cards. The very basic looking and do not have any Major League and Baseball team logos or name on them.
Remember, since Topps signed an exclusive deal with MLB. Upper Deck can NOT produce cards in which a Major League logo or Baseball team logo depicted on them.
Each card just shows the city name in which the player is associated with. The cards have a classic look to them. Nothing flashy looking.

The first 2 autograph cards in the mini box are,
Fausto Carmona (Real Name Roberto Hernandez Heredia), now serving a 3 week suspension handed down my MLB for age and identity fraud. The card is not numbered. Not sure, but this maybe the last card that Roberto signed as Fausto.
Jordan Danks, not numbered.

The other card is a Yogi Berra 1951 World Series pin that came out of the 2012 Topps Series 2 pack.

The 3rd and the Best pull ever for me is a
Dual Enshrinement Autograph of Sandy Koufax and Yogi Berra numbered 5/10. At first I couldn't believe it what I was looking at.
Both legends were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1972. Also inducted in 1972 was Buck Leonard, Early Wynn, Lefy Gomez, Ross Youngs and Josh Gibson. Koufax and Berra are the only living 72 inductees.

I already have both players autographs on OMLB's. So, I may put this on Ebay. Not sure yet.

Thanks for looking and Check back soon!!