Aberdeen Ironbird @ Brooklyn Cyclones

Saturday night I drove to Brooklyn to see the Cyclones play the Ironbirds who play in the NY-Penn League which is Short season Single A ball. The Ironbirds are affiliated with the Baltimore Orioles and of course the Cyclones are the Mets affiliates.
The big name on the Cyclones is Brandon Nimmo, who was the 2011 1st Round Pic, 13th overall of the Mets. Brandon was drafted out of high school which did not have offer baseball. In the state of Wyoming, there are no high school baseball teams.  He played American Legion ball. I think the Mets took a big gamble on a high school player in the 1st round and I guess only time will tell. Brandon played 7 games last season in the Gulf Coast League and 3 more for Kingsport with a combined batting average of .211, with 2 hrs and 4 RBI's.
Also on the Cyclones this season is the 2012 Supplemental 1st Round pick, 35th overall Kevin Plawecki, Kevin is a catcher out of Purdue University.
When it comes to graphing Short season ball. I make up 8x11 customs for each team. The reason I do this is not many of them have cards and most of these guys will not even make it AA level. I do not think it is worth using a Official ball for the team.
If players start to do well I will sometimes get 8x10's signed or in Nimmo's case I got him to sign a OMLB for me and this year since I bought a decent camera I will hopefully be getting my own 8x10 signed.
Rather than list the players I will show scans of my customs. The first being the
Sometimes the rosters are not up to date. So, I end up adding guys who are no longer with the team and sometimes I end up getting auto's of guys not on my custom. I just ask them to sign the bottom.
There was 1 player on the Ironbird who I took a little more interest in and it was Anthony Vega. Anthony was drafted in the 30th round out of Manhattan College. Anthony grew up a few minutes from where I did and I usually take note of players from Long Island who where drafted. Bruce Kern, Chris Gloor and John Mincone to name a few.
I do plan on finishing up the Cyclone sheet. Not sure if I will see the Ironbirds again.
As I mentioned before I also got Brandom Nimmo on a OMLB and my ticket stub.
All together, I got 48 autographs on Saturday. Which is about normal for a short season game because everyone signs. I could have gotten more. But, it was girl scout night at the park and there was a parade of girl scouts on the field before the game.
For those who have never been to Brooklyn. Both teams come out of the same exit and its pretty easy to pick out who is on which team. The visiting team player carry there own bags to the bus and the Cyclones usually mull around outside the stadium and wait for the shuttles. They are all very nice when it comes to signing. Most if not all of the Cyclones stay in dorms at a local college.
MCU Park is the home of the Cyclones.
 The park is right on the Atlantic Ocean and the Coney Island boardwalk. At night the back drop in leftfield is very colorful with the lights from Luna Park and in rightfield there is the old parachute jump. The pararchute jump is a huge landmark of Coney Island and can be seen from the Belt Parkway and the surrounding areas and is all lite up at night.
Another very unique feature of MCU Park are the hoops mounted on the light stanchions. They light up with multiple colors when on at night.
Here are some pictures,
                                                              The scoreboard in leftfield
    These are uniform numbers retired by the Cyclones. 29 Dillon Gee, 35 Angel Pagan, 
     19 Brian Bannister  and 6 Danny Garcia
                                            The retired number of the Old Brooklyn Dodgers
                                                                  The Parachute jump in rightfield
                                                       Again, the view beyond the Leftfield wall
                                                            Looking up at the Parachute jump.
                                                                 The view in Leftfield
If anyone is interested in a custom logo sheet. Maybe we can workout a trade of some sort. Or if I send you 2 logo's. You can get me one signed for me. I guess like a 50/50

Next up is Sunday, a local signing and the Ducks vs Skeeters. I'll try to post that one tomorrow night,
Thanks for looking