Local signing and the Skeeters @ LI Ducks

This past Sunday started out with a local signing for Doc Gooden and Frank Catalanotto. It was located at a very unusual place. A Local Sun room manufacturer. Last time I attended a signing at this location it was free. When I got there they where taking donation to a charity. 1 autograph for $20 and 2 for $30. I never have a problem paying for autographs. Especially when it goes to a charity.
As I mentioned in a previous post. I take note of local baseball players and Frank Catalanotto is one of the more well known locals. I've picked up some nice memorabilia of his off Ebay. On Sunday I had a bat and a Texas Rangers Locker Name Plate signed. I also have Mets GU Alternate Jersey and a Mets GU Warm up Jacket that I hope to get signed in the future.
Frank has his own website. http://www.frankcatalanotto.com/index.php When you get a chance check it out. The one cool thing I like about his site is, his the picture on his home page is of him in a Mets uniform. He spent a short time with the Mets before retiring.

At some point the autograph smeared abit and I was not happy. But, it does not look to bad.

                                    I also got Doc Gooden on a Shea Stadium Railing Elbow.

Later in the afternoon I went to the Ducks game. The game time was changed from 1pm to 5pm due to the temps in the 90's. Before sunday home games the Ducks have a 15 min. pregame autograph session. The players sit in front of the dugout on folding chairs and we are allowed on the field to get autographs. This takes away from the fun of getting autographs. Usually Buddy Harrelson has the longest line. But, since Armando Benitez signed with the team. His line has been pretty long as well. I typically skip Buddy's line, since he is very easy to get before the games.  Typically the starting pitcher and catcher do not attend the session.
Here is what I got,
Reid Gorecki 2/3 cards. Reid played 31 games in 2009 for the Braves. He was originally drafted by the Cardinals and he most recently played in the Yankees system.
Mitch Canham, 2 cards. Mitch has played in the Padreas, A's and Cardinals system. He started the season out as the Ducks starting catcher. But, his contract was purchased by the Cards and he played 31 games in AAA before getting released and coming back to the Ducks.
Jared Lansford 1 1/2 cards. Jared is 2 years younger than his brother Josh who also pitches for the Ducks and signed the other half of the Tri-Star card. There father was is a pretty well known big leaguer by the name of Carney Lansford. Who is currently a coach with the Colorado Rockies. I'll have to pay attention to the Mets schedule and see when the Rockies are in town. Carney may show up if he as an off day.
I also got Gary Gaetti to sign one card. After 4 days of signing he did not look happy. I think he recognized  some of us. Someone who I spoke too who had been there for every Skeeter game, estimates that Gary signed close to 500 autographs during the series.
On 8x10's, I was able to get the following,
Top left corner is Bryant Nelson. In 2002 Bryant played 25 games in the Bigs with the Redsox. He has also been in the Astros, Cubs, D-Backs, Pirates, White Sox and Jays system. He has also played with numerous teams in Mexico
Top right corner is Brandon Sing, Brandon has played mostly in the Cubs system and 1 season in the O's system getting as high as AAA.
Middle Left is Jay Loviglio, Jay is the 1st base coach. Jay played in 46 games in the Bigs between 1980 and 1983 with the Phillies, White Sox & Cubs. He was a local Long Island product.
Middle right is Ray Navarrete. Ray is a fan favorite her on Long Island. Ray has played in the Pirates, Astros and more recently (2006) in the Mets system getting as high as AAA
Lower Left is Kraig Binick, Kraig is also a local product. Kraig has played in the O's system getting as high as AA. He also won the Atlantic League batting Title last season with a Avg. of .343. I was disappointed to hear he did not get an invite to spring training
Lower right is Mike Loree. Mike has pitched in the Giants and Pirates system. Mike's contract was purchased late in the season by the Pirates in 2011 after starting 14-1. He pitched in 4 games in Altoona which is AA and had an era of 1.17. I had read a report that he had been invited to Pirates ST as a non-roster invitee. But was back on the Ducks opening day roster.
I think both Loree and Binick should be in affiliated ball at the moment. 
Sometimes Buddy Harrelson will sign autographs on the concourse during the game. After a 1 hour rain delay. Buddy came up to the concourse and signed for about 1 hr. I had been carrying around this old 5x7 of him and decided to get it signed. 
Buddy has to be one of the nicest guys when it comes to signing autographs. He always says hello and is always more than willing to take picture with everyone. Another thing Buddy does is. He carries his own pens with him and he will always sign his autograph with the appropriate pen. He takes his time and if you give him a Mets item. He will add either 69 Mets or 69 Champs. He added the latter for me

There was a a little more excitement than usual when the Heavy Rain and Thunder and a lot of Lighting came.
The power also went off for about a minute or so. Which got everyone excited. After the rain delay, the Ducks came back and won. With the win they clinched the 1st half.

I may go to the Ducks game on the 4th. They are playing the South Maryland Blue Crabs. I do not want to travel to far since I have to work on Thursday.

Between the 2 Ducks games and the Cyclones game. I was able to get 78 autographs. Not to bad.

Thanks for reading, check back soon and have a Safe and Happy 4th of July.