Astros @ Mets and Mike Piazza bobblehead

Yesterday I took the drive to Queens for the Astros @ Mets game. It was also the 5th and final bobblehead day for this season and this one featured Mike Piazza.
The bobblehead  was the only reason I went to this game. And of course I had to do my best to get autographs.
I got there around 8am and there where 2 others already there. I always do the Mets parking lot before the game. The last bobblhead day I attended I started a scrub ball with guys who I do not think deserve a OMLB. The day started with Valdespin on the ball already. Before the game I got the following,
Robert Carson
Jon Rauch
Scott Hairston
Daniel Murphy
After the game I got the following on the ball,
Jeremy Hefner 
Josh Thole
Josh Edgin
I also got a Andres Torres on a 2011 Ginter card
The best auto I got was the Ike Davis on an 8x10.
David Wright did the typical wave and did not sign.

When I went into the stadium I headed down to the 3rd base side and figured I would start a scrub ball for the Astros. Well, The whole team are scrubs and there is no one on the Astros worth a OMLB. Ah, maybe Jose Altuve? Well anyway no one signed. But, I had a lot of fun.
Wilton Lopez, one of the Astros relievers was shagging fly balls in leftfield and he must have given 75% of the balls hit to him to us fans. There was one incident with a father who was with his young son and Lopez. The whole thing was in spanish. So, I'm not sure what was said. But, I could tell it was not a friendly conversation. From what I heard later was that the guy wanted Lopez to sign an autograph for his kid and Lopez said he would sign later. But, the father did not want to hear that and started cursing him out. The whole thing got pretty heated at one point. Then Craig Bjornson the bullpen coach came over and had a security guard ask them to leave the area. That just angered the father even more and there was more cursing.
Situation like this just kill it for people just trying to get some autographs. People do not seem to understand that these players do not have to sign autographs. Why, yell and curse them out when they do not sign. I have a feeling that the young boy would have ended up with an autograph and a ball from Lopez if only his dad would had some patience and I only say that because of the way I watched Lopez interacted with us in the stands.
There was another incident in which a teenage boy who was standing near me got hit with a ball that came down the line and bounced into the stands, it his him in the chin. Lopez ran over to him and asked if he was "ok". He also had a ball in his glove and gave it to the kid. Lopez also hung around for awhile to make sure the kid would be alright.
 I had never heard of Wilton Lopez until I was sorting cards to bring to the game. But, I'm now a fan of his. According to his stats he is a also a decent reliever.

Check Back soon and Thanks for looking!!


WaltHils said…
nice stuff!crazy story!i have 2 extra seaver bobbleheads from this year if you interested in buying or trading for them,lmk walt