Lancaster Barnstormers @ Ducks

Last night the Barnstormers are in town for a game series and last night was game 3. Butch Hobson the former Yankee and Red Sox is the manager for the Barnstormers. I've gotten him numerous time in the past and did not bring anything for him. I did get the following
Ching-Lung Lo, 2 cards. He has pitched in the Rockies system getting as high as AAA.
Ryan Harvey, 3 cards. Ryan was a 1st round pick and 6th overall in 2003 for the Cubs. He has also played in the Rockies system getting as high as AA.
Jeff Bennett, 2 cards. Jeff has pitched in the majors with the Brewers, Braves and most recently in 2009 with the Rays.
Francisco Hernandez, 2 cards. He has played in the WhiteSox system getting as high as A advanced.
J.D. Durbin, 1 card. J.D. has pitched for the Twins, D-backs and Phillies in the majors.
Beau Vaughan, 2 cards. Beau has pitched in the Redsox, Rangers and A's system getting as high as AAA.
Marty Janzen, 2 cards. Marty is currently the Barnstormers pitching coach and pitched in the majors with the Jays.

Last nights game started out with a bang for the Barnstormers. They scored 7 runs in the first 2/3 of the 1st inning. It also got exciting when Butch Hobson got thrown out of the game for arguing a call at home plate.
The umpire called the runner out and he was clearly safe. Hobson went nuts and got tossed.
The umpiring in the Atlantic League is horrible. These guys must be blind.
Sometime in the 3rd inning I got up the use the restroom and who do I run into on the concourse. None other than Butch Hobson in street close. I said "Hello" and he acknowledged me. Them I told him he got screwed on the call and the umpires in this league Suck and he just nodded. I wonder if anyone recognized him and if he sat in a seat and watched the game. I did not see him for the rest of the game.
I left in the bottom of the 4th when it was 14-1. Like Friday night, this game also dragged on. It was around 9:15 in the 4th. I didn't need to stay for autographs so I left.

There are only 3 more home stands left. First Camden for 3 games, then Somerset for 3 more and the last home stand is Lancaster for 3 and then Camden for another 4. Then the playoffs start
The Ducks did win the first half which means they are in the playoffs. But, if they continue to play like they have been it will be an early exit.

Today I went to a show up in White Plains that was called the "East Coast National" It started Friday night and ended today. They had 18 Baseball players and 2 football players appearing. The only player I would have gotten yesterday was Fred McGriff. But, I was not taking the 1.5 drive for one autograph. Today I got 4 auto's. Carlton Fisk, I had him sign a OMLB w/HOF 2000. Greg Luzinski was free with paid admission. I got him on an 8x10 and then I started a Giant Stadium seat back and got Mark Bavaro and Phil McConkey. 

            Here are some of my latest additions to my memorabilia collection.

Citi Field GU Base. According to the MLB database the base was used on Aug 24th during the 4th and 6th innings against the Phillies.
                                                                    Mets GU Helmet
 I'm sure any of you guys who had been to a game at Shea Stadium recognizes this sign. This one hung over a concession stand.
From some of my past post you have already seen the Benitez and Lopez ones signed. I was hoping to get Jorge Julio signed. But, I missed him the last time the Bluefish were in town. Lew Ford was a Duck in the beginning of the season and figured after the minor league season ended Lew Ford would come back. But, he has since been called up to the majors and will probably finish the season with them.
The Heilman and Anderson ones i picked up just to add to my Mets collection.

I going to try to get to a few more Cyclone and SI Yankees game before the end of the season.
The second half of the season went by so fast. I didn't not attend nearly the same number of games as I did in the first half.

Before you know it the NHL season will start. The Islanders opener is on a Saturday against my Flyers and I will def. be there.

Thanks for Looking and Check back soon!