Skeeters @ Ducks

Tuesday night the Skeeters played the Ducks in game 2 of a 3 game series. This will also be the last time the Skeeters are here on the Island unless they face each other the playoffs. I only a few things for the Skeeters. But, since the last time they where in town they signed 2 former major leaguers. Scott Kazmir and Aaron Bates.
Back in in late spring training Scott Kazmir threw for any team who wanted may have been interested in his services. After no team took a flyer on him. I thought to myself and may have posted it here on my blog. That he would at some time pitch for the Skeeters. Well just after the all-star break Kazmir signed with them. At some point I spotted a Kazmir jersey on ebay. Its not GUed. But, must have been something they sell at the concession stand. Well for $20 I picked it up. Tuesday night I got it signed with a silver SRX.
As of today Kazmir is not pitching all that great. I do not think any organization will be calling anytime soon.
I also had Gary Gaetti and Britt Burns sign an 8x10 that I had taken the last time they where in town. I think Gaetti was getting a bit upset with everybody still putting out 15 cards on a board for him to sign. I'm sure he recognized some of us. Although he did sign everything. I also got Gaetti on a OMLB3 for someone on
I also got the following cards.
Jeff Farnsworth, 1 card. Jeff pitched shortly for the Tigers back in 2002. He has also pitched in the Mariners, Whitesox and Redsox system.
Jason Lane, 1 card. Jason has played for the Astros and Padreas in the majors. The funny thing is that when Jason played in the majors he was a position player and showed that he had power. He now is a starting pitcher. Jason just one the pitcher of the month for July in the Atlantic League. When Jason played at USC he was also a pitcher and not a bad. But, I guess when the Astros drafting him in the 6th round in 1999 they felt his bat was better.

Tuesday night was a great night to see a game. Not to hot and humid and a great sky. Mike Loree had a No-hitter going into the 7th when Bubba Bell doubled to the gap in left center. Check out the pics

 Not sure when and where I'm going next. Thanks for Looking and Check back soon.