Lowell Spinners @ Cyclones

Last night was the last regular season game for the NY-Penn League. I was the 3rd and last game of the series for the two teams. The Cyclones either needed to win or Batavia needed to lose 1 of the 2 games in the doubleheader they where playing. Word came down maybe 15 minutes before game time that Batavia lost the first game. So, the Cyclones are in and didnt need to win this game to get into the playoffs. It was a good thing to. They ended up losing the game. Lowell is affiliated with the Redsox and are out of the playoffs and headed home after the game.
I went into last nights game needing just 3 players to finish the Cyclones Logo sheet. Matt Bowman who was charting in the stands. and 2 recently promoted players from Kingsport. Maikis De La Cruz and the 2012 1st round pick, Gavin Cecchini.  I was also able to add them. I also had Cecchini sign a OMLB on the SS. The only coach I did not get was Marc Valdez, the pitching coach and Juan Urbina who happened to be on the roster for about 2 days before getting sent back down to Kingsport. Urbina is also the son of former major league closer Ugueth Urbina. 
I also got Brandon Nimmo on 2 programs. One inside and then the other outside after the game. This kid is great. He was walking his way down the line and asking if anyone else wanted his autograph. He is very outgoing and very respectful. He is not the kid that will just sign and walk away. He talks to everyone and takes pictures without a problem. He is a Class act!
Today the Top 20 prospects of each organization where posted on MLB.com. This year the Cyclones have 3 players in the Top 20. Cecchini, Nimmo and Plawecki. http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/prospects/watch/y2012/#list=nym
Out of the Top 20, I was able to 7 of them this season and I had gotten 2 of them last season.

On the Lowell side my main goal was to get 2012 1st round pick, Deven Marrero. I was able to get him on the logo and on a OMLB on the SS. But, he personalized the ball. He asks me my name and then had to ask me how to spell it. I thought that was pretty funny. HOWARD, how hard is my name to spell? Then when I found out that he did not personalize for others, I got abit annoyed. I mean I do not sell my stuff. But, why for only for me. I change my clothes before I leave the office for that reason. But, I guess a Ducks T-shirt and a blue jeans made him think I was dealer or something.
On the logo I was able to get 30 of the 36 players and was able to get the 3 coaches.
Bruce Crabbe, Manager
Nelson Paulino, Hitting Coach
Paul Abbott, Pitching Coach and former Big League pitcher
Mookie Betts, I asked him if he was name after Mookie Wilson.  He said "No" he was named for after former B-baller Mookie Blalock.
Jake Davies
Deven Marrero, 2012 1st rounder
Mike Miller, 2012 9th rounder
Nick Moore, 2011 30th rounder
Aneury Tavarez
Kevin Heller, 2012 40th rounder. He is also a local kid from Brooklyn and he had a whole section of friends rooting him on. He hit 2 homers in the game and had his friends started chanting "Kevin Heller". It was also the first time I've seen a curtain call in the minors and from a visiting player.
Oscar Perez
Roberto Reyes
Tim Roberson
Jadd Schmeltzer, 2011 49th rounder
Tyler Wilson
Mike Angliera, 2012 5th rounder
William Cuevas
Jacob Dahlstrand, 2010 10th rounder
Sergio Gomez
Justin Haley, 2012 6th rounder
Braden Kapteyn, 2011 15th rounder
Gregory Larson
Pat Light, 2012 1st round supplemental pick. If I would have realized it I would have had him sign a OMLB also
Austin Maddox
Francellis Mantas
Gerardo Olivares
Yunior Ortega
Zach Good, 2011 20th rounder
Zack Kapstein, 2010 44th rounder
Kendrick Perkins, 2010 6th rounder

                                              Cecchini is on the left and Marreo is on the right

One of these Nimmo's is available for trade, just email me and I'm sure we can work something out.

The Cyclones open the playoffs tomorrow night against the Hudson Valley Renegades who are affiliated with the Tampa Rays. They have 2012 1st round pick Richie Shaffer on the roster. I was thinking of heading to Trenton for there playoff game. But, I will have to work on Saturday. So, I may head to Brooklyn.
The Ducks come home for the last homestand on Tuesday for 3 games vs Lancaster and then 4 vs Camden and finish the season on the road with 3 games in Somerset and then 3 games in Camden. The the playoffs start on the 26th.

Here are some pictures you guys may like. The Cyclones are the only minor league team that I've seen to have cheerleaders. They are called the "Beach Bum".
Not sure if the Marlins still have the Mermaids, But, back in 2006 and 2007 when I attended games down there they had them.

Thanks for Reading and Check back soon!!!!