Fan Packs

With the absence of hockey this winter. I started sending out fan pack requests. Each week I will post what I have received.

Most sports teams send out fan pack to there fans. Fan packs are a great way to collect small novelty items from sports teams. A fan pack could consists of a number of novelty items. In most cases you could receive pocket schedules, pencils, pens, stickers, programs, 8x10's and magnets. in the past I've even received yearbooks, bobbleheads, team set of players post cards and bracelets. These items are less likely. But, you never know what you will get.
Last season I received a fan pack from the Boston Redsox that included a small bag of dirt that was labeled "Dirt from the outfield at Fenway". Is it real? I'm not sure. But, the idea is pretty cool.
I have a friend who received a real team autographed baseball from the Camden Riverharks this past season.
I would think that, that is not a typical item that you would receive from any team. But, again. You never know.
I collect pocket schedules and I usually keep or will trade the other items.

Requesting a fan pack is simple and easy. You can do this in a couple of different ways.  The first would be to go to a teams website and click on the "contact" link. You will most likely get a page where you can send the team a request or comment. All you do is fill out the request and tell them what your mailing address is. Another easy way is to find a contact email address on the team website and send a email.  You put "fan pack" in the subject line and write a nice short request that includes your mailing address.
In some cases you may receive a "auto reply" shortly after the request. This simply stats that the team received your request and thanks you for your support or interest.  A member of the teams staff may even write a personal email back to you. That email usually states the same thing the auto reply.  But, is more personal and is directed directly to you. If you send out email requests a faster way is to send out a bulk request. A friend gave me this idea recently and it works great. Gather a number of emails and instead add them blind so each team does not see that it is going to multiple places. I recently sent out 2 emails to a total number of 46 sports teams.
Keep in mind that some teams do not send out "Fan Packs" and may even request you send a self address stamped envelope to the team in order for them to send you a fan pack.  I can tell you that the Pawtucket Pawsox do request a SASE in order to send a fan pack out.
On Oct 20th I sent out the 46 and within 6 days I received 5. 4 from NFL teams and 1 from a minor league AAA team.  4 of which came in one day.
The 5 came from the following teams. Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, Atlanta Falcons and the Las Vegas 51's.
                               The Falcons sent (2) pocket schedules, a pen, key chain and (2) stickers.
                                   From the Lions, stickers, key chain, pencil and a pocket schedule
 From the Bills, game program, pocket schedule, magnetic schedule, mini license plate, team photo and a player photo
From the Browns, (3) pocket schedules, magnetic schedule, decal, game program and info on purchasing tickets.
The Las Vegas 51's sent me (4) pocket schedules for the 2013 season and a business card that even shows the Mets Logo. For anybody who does not know. The Mets new AAA team is located in Las Vegas now.

The only thing I collect is the pocket schedules. So, if anyone sees anything they are interested in I'm sure we can work out a trade.

As far as the NHL season goes. The chances of playing a full 82 game schedule is gone as of this past Thursday. All games in November have been cancelled and it does not appear the 2 sides are close to coming to an agreement.

Thanks for reading and Check back soon!!!!