4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler

I have not had much to write about this winter and the way things are looking there will NOT be any NHL anytime soon.
So, I'm always scoping out IP opportunities and I found it in the last place I'd ever expect to, In the gym locker room. There was a flyer on the wall for a grand opening of a health food store in the town next to where I live and I'm on stacation until Jan 2nd.
4X Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler was going to appear. Its not who I usually look for. But, why not. He is very accomplished in bodybuilding and is still active and going after No. 5. I've also gone back to the gym. So, I was somewhat interested in seeing the store.

This turned out to be more than an appearance, they gave out food & smoothie samples and also gave out t-shirts and they had hotties giving out the samples. Can't go wrong with that.
Well anyway, I ended up online twice as long as I should have. But, Jay was very friendly. He shook hands with everyone and also took pictures
One thing I noticed was that he is much shorter than I expected. I've seen him in magazines and I expected this giant. He thanked me for waiting online and offered me more samples.
I think I was the only person who brought something to have signed. I had him sign an 8x10 and then I also got the poster. He personlized both and didn't take his time signing them.
Yeah, Don't ask. I rarely smile in pictures

So, this has been my only free IP autograph since baseball season started. I've been thinking of trying the hotels for the visiting NFL teams. But, I've never done hotels and I'm not sure which hotels are used. I may also try basketball .

I am going to Bridgeport Soundtigers(Islanders) vs. Adirondack Phantoms.(Flyers)game tomorrow night. But, I'm not graphing the game. Never been there and I'm taking my nephew. I may try to find out some info and maybe try it once. 
My tickets are 5 rows behind the penalty box and for the 2 it cost $83. Even with the ferry tickets. I'm still not spending as much as I would if I went to an NHL game.

I will be bringing my camera. So, I will post my review of the arena and take plenty of picures.

Hopefully I can post some IP success soon.
Thanks for reading and Check back soon.
Happy Holidays to All!!