Backing up your Collection Database

Hope everyone had a Happy Holiday.
If you keep track of your card, memorabilia or autograph collection on your computer please do not forget to back the files up often. I am now learning my lesson the hard way.
My home computer crashed a few days ago and the last time I backed up my file was in August. I use Microsoft Excel for my database and keep track of my autographs and memorabilia collection.

There are a few ways to backup your files. Depending on the amount of files you want to backup you can purchase an external hardrive or a USB flash drive. The external hard drives can store more files than a flash drive. But, are more expensive. The prices range from as little as $5 to $500.  In my case, I have a 300GB external hardrive. Which I think should be plenty. In addition to my collection database I also have pictures, music and other important files stored on my hard drive.
A couple of other options to backing up your files are, burning them to a CD or even purchasing backup storage online. Some website offer files storage for a fixed price depending on the amout of storage you need. But, there maybe some restrictions on the file types.

I have a pretty extensive collection and now have to re-input the last 5 months of my collection and take pictures of any of the new memorabilia I have added since auguest. I'm not looking forward to doing this. I suggest backing up your files once every few weeks. Depending how often you make changes. Sometime you have to learn the hardway before you do things.

Thanks for reading and Check back soon.

Have a safe and Happy New Year!!