White Plains show...

Today I drove up to White Plains for an autograph show. I wanted to go yesterday because Cal Ripken Jr. was there. But, I didn't want to miss a chance at doing IP before the Islanders game. Besides I also had a family event not far from the show. I'm sure Ripken will be around numerous times.
Today, I added Sean Landeta to my Giants Stadium seat back. I only recently started it. So, Landeta is just my third player on it. Landeta was real nice and kept thanking everyone for coming and supporting him and the Giants. Insriptions were free and he added SB Champs without me asking.

I also got Luis Aparicio, John Smoltz and Fritz Peterson, all on 8x10's . Peterson was free with paid admission. I usually get players like Smoltz and Aparicio on OMLB's. But, recently I looked at some of my older signed balls and most have started to turn brown on me. Not all of them. But, it disappointed me to see that. Especially on my Willie Mays ball.
Jim Palmer, Former Redskins Charley Taylor and Joe Theismann where also there. But, I have all three atleast twice already.

Everyone was very nice. Mr. Aparicio is getting up there in age. Which is why I decided to get him today.

Hopefully I will be posting more with the NHL season underway and then there is baseball season. There is an outside shot I may drive down too Florida for spring training. But, I'm not sure

Thanks Again for Reading and Check back soon!!