Local Card Show....

Today I went to a local card show looking to add former Mets to my Shea Stadium Seat Back.
Appearing at the show was Cliff Floyd, Kevin McReynolds, Bobby Valentine, Ron Swoboda and Jerry Grote. Also scheduled but cancelled where Todd Hundley and his father Randy Hundley
I already had Grote on the seat back. But, since the Hundley's cancelled. Grote became the free autograph with admission. So, I got Grote on an 8x10.
I added Floyd, McReynolds and Swoboda to the seat back which takes my total to 37. I do not have much more room on it and I'm hoping to eventually get Seaver, Wright and Piazza.
                                                                         Cliff Floyd
                                                              Ron Swoboda in the top corner
                                                  Kevin McReynolds below Keith Hernandez
                                                                        Jerry Grote

I refuse to pay any amount of money for Bobby Valentine. I wouldn't even take him for free,
When he was the manager of the Mets he was an a-hole when it came to signing autographs. One time I saw him turn this little kid down outside the Shea. It was early one morning when this happened. He told the kid he had NO time and needed to get in the stadium. At the time there was only a few of us. What he couldn't take the 90 seconds to sign a couple of autographs? and today he gave me another reason not to like him. He was at least 40 minutes late for his appearance and then when he gets to the table his cell rings. He was signing for about 10 minutes while on the phone. Getting autographs is all about meeting and interacting with the athletes. Being late is one thing. These guys usually sign mail order before hand and it probably took longer than expected. But, people are paying for his autograph and he on the phone? That is just rude! If I was on his line I would have said something to him and I did say something. I was on Grote's line waiting and yelled "Get off of the phone" It was pretty loud and I'm not sure he heard me or saw me. But, everyone around laughed and knew it was me. He should have had his phone off or ignored it.

Next Friday is the Ducks home opener and they start a 3 game series against the Sugar Land Skeeters. I'm hoping to get to at least 2 of the 3 games. There has been NO word on when Vlad Guerrero is going to show up and I'm starting to wonder if this was just a publicity stunt to sell more tickets.

Thanks for Reading and Check Back soon!!


Paul said…
Nice seatback project. How are you going to display it once it is "complete"?
Howie K said…
Thanks Paul. Probably going to make or buy a box for it.