5000 View milestone.......

Sometime in the last couple of days I've reached 5000 views. When I started writing this blog in Jan. 2012 and I was not sure I would keep it up. It can be a little time consuming. But, I do enjoy writing about my experiences. I find it cool to receive emails from the readers whom I've met while graphing. I also enjoy reading and responding to the emails I receive with questions and comments.

I would like to Thank everyone for reading. My views have gone up considerably in the last week or 2. Mostly due to a couple of fellow Collectors/Bloggers who have plugged this blog in there own blogs posts.
Thanks to Corey Mansfield, who I've graphed with a few times and also done some trading with.
Please Check out Corey's blog,  http://corey42080.blogspot.com/.
Also Thanks to Paul Hadsall for plugging me. Check out. http://randombaseballstuff.com/

I hope to make some more improvements in the future.

Hope everyone has a successful IP Baseball season!!

Thanks Again for Reading and Check Back Soon!!!!