TTM return......

I have not done TTM requests since 2011 and I did not do alot that year. The majority was done between 2008-2010. Not sure how many of you do TTM. But, one thing you have to have when sending out requests is patience.
I recieved a return on Thursday that took 1139 days. I think this beat my previous record of 919 days. I guess you never know when you will get a return.

Hal Lanier signed a 1987 Topps and 1 generic custom in black sharpie. I'm a little surprised he did not sign and return the index cards I always included them more for protection of the cards. Most of the older players would always sign the index cards. I have a nice little collection of signed index cards, a total of 262.
Mr. Lanier played 10 years in the majors. 8 years for the San Francisco Giants and 2 years for the New York Yankees. He also managaged the Astros for 3 years. His first season in 1986 as the Astros manager he brought the Astros to the NL championship series that they lost to the NY Mets. That year Mr. Lanier also won the NL Manager of the Year Award.

I always enjoyed doing TTM requests and hope to start up again. Maybe not sending out as many as I have in the past though. In 2008, I sent out 591 requests and I had a 86% success rate. In 2009, I sent out 391 and had a 71% success rate and in 2010, I sent out 268 requests and had a 77% success rate.
It is a time consuming and a little pricey after buying all the supplies and stamps. But, when I would recieve extras and the short notes back from the players I quickly forgot about the price and the time.

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!!!!!


Paul said…
It's still fun to write to retired players - particularly those who played in the 1960s & 70s - because many of them will actually take the time to answer. They are also from the era where handwriting was important, so most have legible autographs.