Bridgeport Bluefish @ Ducks

Game 13) Last night the Bluefish and the Ducks played game 2 of a 3 game series. I didn't have much for the Ducks so I did the Bluefish. Now that I had already seen the Bluefish in Bridgeport It was easier to recognize most of the players.
My main goal of the night was to get recently signed and former Met Victor Diaz on a locker name plate. I had pick up a dozen or so misc. Mets plates awhile ago for a great price on ebay. I usually do not buy the plates unless I know I can get them signed. But, since they were all Mets I picked them up.
Victor played parts of 4 seasons in the majors. 2004-2006 with the Mets and then a short stint in 2007 with the Rangers. Victor has played in Korea, Japan and most recently in Mexico since his time in the majors.
Alexis Gomez, 3 cards. He has played parts of 4 season in the majors. 2002 & 2004 with the Royals and 2005-2006 with the Tigers. Has also spent time in the Rockies and Marlins system and most recently also has been playing in Mexico
Austin Krum, 1 card
Hayden Penn, 1 card
Kanekoa Texeira, 1 card
Daniel Mayora, 2 cards. He has played in the Rockies, Giants & Rays system getting as high as AAA

                                                                       Bill Hall playing Short
                                                                    Ramon Castro at bat

I'm going to the Met game on Friday night. I'm not sure if I will be able to graph. If I do it will be after the game. If I do not graph I may post a Photo blog, depending if I get some good pics. Still not sure where I'm sitting.
The Ducks are on the road till June 21st when the Skeeters come back to the island.

Thanks for Reading and Check back soon!!