Chcago Cubs @ New York Mets

Game 14) Last night my brothers company hosted a night at Citi Field. I was hoping to graph afterwards but it didnt work out and I have to say it was real strange not graphing at a game.
So, as I said in my previous post I would post a photo blog for any of you who have never gotten a chance to see Citi Field.
                           I finally got to see my brick in the Fan Walk. It was installed last September
                          The Citi sign on the 3rd base side of the stadium from the parking lot
A view of the scoreboards in CF from the conscourse down the 3rd base side.
                                                   The view of the scoreboards from my section
      The Shea Bridge which will be a premium spot during the HR Derby that is held All-Star Week
 The apple before the game. My seats where on the other side of the apple. Here I was on he right field side.
                The view from our seats. Not the best. But, when they are free I do not complain
                                                                         Mr. Met!!!
A partial Cubs team photo. This was the scene as medics and team personal tended to David DeJesus after he ran into the wall. Reports are saying a sprained shoulder and he was placed on the 15 day DL
Here you can see the new outfield wall that was installed that made the field dimensions a little smaller. The concrete wall I was leaning on used to be the outfield wall
                                                                Mets CFer Juan Lagares
           Shawn Marcum (above) & John Buck (below) warming up in the outfield before the game

 I  believe the NYC skyline and bridge lights used to be on top of the scoreboard at Shea Stadium. Its been since renovated abit. It sits above the popular Shake Shack & Blue Smoke  on the concourse in centerfield. I suggest if you make it to Citi Field you have to try a burger, fries and a shake or any of the bbq items on the Blue Smoke menu. Just be prepared to wait on line. This pic was taken in the 8th inning. So, the lines were abit shorter
This is the backside of the scoreboard. You can hangout and still watch the game on the giant tv   

I've post pictures of Citi Field in the past. You can check them out on posts done 6/19/12 & 7/22/12.

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Other than doing the Ducks on a regular basis I do not have have any solid plans on doing affiliated games. I have some plans that are still up in the air. But, I'm looking forward to All-Star Weekend.

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