Game 12: South Maryland Blue Crabs @ Ducks

The Blue Crabs are in town friday nights game was rained out. So, yesterday they played a day night doubleheader. I was not able to attend the 1pm game. But, made it to the 7pm game.
I didn't have much for the Blue Crabs so I decided to do just the Ducks.
The Ducks had recently signed 11 year Major League Vet Bill Hall and he one of my 2 goals for the night. My other goal was to get my Ben Broussard Locker Name Plate signed that I just picked up off of ebay.
From what I had heard Bill Hall was not going to be easy. I had talked to one of the other regulars and was told that he signed before game 1 and was 1 per. When he came into the dugout he said he would sign after he stretches. But, did not. Things where not looking good. Goal 1 will have to wait until after the game. Now it was onto the Broussard locker name plate. Ben is not known to sign much before the games and is easiest on sunday during the pregame auto session. Which I could't make. A few of us needed him and he surprised us and came over and signed.

I should have used black and should have known better he would not sign in the white area. Still does not look bad.

Then I had started taking my own pictures and got P.J. Phillips to sign an 8x10 and he took the extra that I offered him. P.J. is current Reds 2nd basemen, Brandon Phillip's brother. I've met Brandon on 2 occasions and P.J. is just as nice as his Brandon.
That was all I got before the game. After the game a few of us tried for Bill Hall and he stopped and signed. Strictly 1 per. I only had 2 with me.
I still had a few cards on me so I headed to the Ducks side after the game. I also had an 8x10 for John Brownell who started the game and snuck out the back way before the game. I never saw him leave after the game. But, I'm sure I will get him.
Hall stopped and signed for a few others who did not get him on the field after the game. I thought about getting him again. But, I have a  GU Bat coming that I had just picked up on Ebay and didn't want to get him annoyed with me. Hopefully the bat will come sometime next week.
The only other auto I got was from Ian Snell on 2 cards. Ian is a machine and would signed 20 cards for you at once. But, I never put more than 4 out.
I did have 3 more for Dontrelle. But, we think he left during the 2nd game and we never saw him.

 Hall started out with the Duck slow. In the 1st game of the DH he was 0-3 with the 3 K's. He picked things up in the 2nd game going 2-4 with a Grand Slam and 6 Rbi's on the night. This pic is of the guys after the grand Slam

The Bridgeport Bluefish comes to town on Tuesday for a 3 game series. I'm hoping to get to one of those games and then on Friday I'm going to my 1st Met game of the season. But, I don't think I will be able to graphing. I'm going with my brother and his company.