Southern Maryland Blue Crabs @ Long Island Ducks

Sorry for the late post. Just been having some family issues to tend to.
Last Sunday the South Maryland Blue Crabs played the 2nd game of the 3 game series with the Ducks. Today's game was the 1st of a day-night doubleheader. I could only make it to the 1st game.
Since it was a Sunday there was a pregame autograph session that lasts for 15 min. These sessions make getting the Ducks easy. I usually do not even wait in the Ducks pregame. It can be a little hectic since it only lasts for 15 minutes. But, today I was able to get the following. If I've written about the players experience in the past, I will not do it again.
Ian Snell,2 cards
Ben Broussard, 2 cards
P.J. Phillips, 2 cards. P.J. was a 2nd round pick in 2002 by the LA Angles. He has also played in the Reds system getting as high as AAA. P.J. is also the younger brother of current Reds 2nd basement Brandon Phillips.
Josh Barfield, 1 card
Royce Ring, 1 card. Royce had only signed a few days before while I was away and did not really have time to look for his cards. Royce was a 1st round pick in 2002 of the Chicago White Sox and has spent parts of 5  seasons in the majors with the Mets, Padres, Braves and Yankees. He has also spent time in the Red Sox, Mariners and Rockies system.
Ramon Castro, 8x10. He doesn't usually participate in the pregame autograph session if he is in the bullpen warming up the starting pitcher. So, I got him after the game as he was coming off the field.
Adam Bailey, 8x10
Bryant Nelson, 8x10. This is his 20th season in pro baseball. He had the chance to play 25 games with the Red Sox in 2002.
Ralph Henriquez, 8x10. Has played in the Astros, Mets and Mariners system getting as high as AAA
Danny Perales, 8x10. Has played in the D-Backs, Reds and Blue Jays system getting as high as AAA.  He also requested a copy of my 8x10 that I had taken.
On the Blue Crabs side I got just a couple since the pitchers I needed went the back way to the bullpen,
Cyle Hankerd, 4 card. Has played in the D-Backs, Phillies, and White Sox system getting as high as AAA.
Cesar Nicolas, 1 card. Has played in the D-Backs and Detroit system getting as high as AAA. Has also played in the American Association which is another Indy League as well as Mexico.

Today the Ducks a had former Met Ed Kranepool throw out the first pitch. Mr. Kranepool played 3 games for the Mets in 1962 at the age 17.  He spent his entire 18 year career playing for the Mets and played 1853 games for them which is a team record. 2nd place is held by Ducks coach Buddy Harrelson with 1322.
There was no official autograph session for Mr. Kranepool. But, he could be seen walking around the stadium during parts of the game. I caught him behind home plate and he signed a 5x7 Shea Stadium custom. I already have him on numerous other items and usually save my customs for a time like this.
 Henriquez on the top left, Adam Bailey on the bottom left, Bryant Nelson on the top right and Danny Perales on the bottom right.
 I took the Castro picture back in the day while I was at Dolphin Stadium for a Marlins vs. Mets game. On either side of the stadium there where a small number of seats on the field that where situated adjacent to the bullpens and the only thing between you and the players was that railing and a net. I was lucky enough to know someone who had tickets down there.
The Bill Murphy pic was my first attempt at creating a triple exposure shot. I'm going to try again. But, they take a while to create.

                                                The Auto's on the Hankerd cards are tough to see.

Thanks, for Reading and Check back soon!!