Chasing Jeter, Day 2

Day 2 of Chasing Jeter started out at 8:30 on Sunday morning.outside PNC Field. When I got to the stadium there was about 10 people there already. Sundays game started at 1:00 pm
Players started to trickle in, Most of the same guys who did not sign the day before, didn't sign again. The one surprise was Dellin Bentances, 2 cards. He was a 8th rd pick in 2006 and at one point was one of Yankees can't miss prospects. His stock has dropped off a lot. He has been removed from the rotation and sent to the bullpen. 2 years ago I would have gotten him on his own OMLB. Not waisting a ball on him now.
Josh Spence and Randy Ruiz signed my ball.
Then Brett Marshall came and I got him on his own OMLB and he signed the sweet spot. Brett was a 6th rd pick in 2008 by the Yankees.Starting to think it may have been a waist to get on his own ball

Jeter arrived in the same fashion he did on Saturday. His Ford drove thru the back gate behind the field and he did not stop to sign.
I got on the express line again at about 10:30 and the gates opened at 11:30 for the 1pm game. There noticeably a lot less people looking to get Jeter's autograph. But, like the day before there was a mad dash to get down to the railing on the 3rd base side. This time I decided to be a little closer to the dugout then the day before.
When I got into the stadium Jeter was taking a little BP and then he went out and took some fielding practice.

While waiting I was talking to a few people who had, had experience getting Jeter in the past and they said he scouts out the crowd and decides well before he actually signs who he will sign for and I did notice him looking up and down the line a few times while in between ground balls.
When Jeter was done with fielding practice he started to walk over to us in the crowd and headed over to a woman standing to my left who had been waving one of his jersey. After he signed the jersey he started to walk back up the line toward the dugout and  that is when he signed for me.
Its not the best looking autograph. But, its better then nothing. After the getting the ball signed I headed up the stairs back to the concourse. I thought about trying again. But, didn't want to press my luck. From what I had heard he probably signed about 25 or so at the time.
I didn't want to carry the ball around all day so I went back to my car. In Scranton you are allowed back into the stadium if you want to leave.
After that I went back into the stadium grabbed some food and just relaxed until the game started.

When the players came back out game time they switched jerseys

Today Jeter DHed and did not play the field.
I had a great seat for the game. But, wish I was on the 1st base side. I hate getting pictures of the players backs.
I did not stick around for the whole game. I was tired and sunburned and had a long drive home. So, I called it a day in the 5th inning.
Besides getting guys like Mike Piazza and Mark McGwire IP. It was one of the most exciting days as far as IP graphing has been for me.
I'm a Mets fan. But, Jeter is one of the best and most sought after autographs in baseball and he is def. will be in the Hall of Fame. The trip and all of the waiting around was well worth it. I hear that he will be in Scranton thru the week and wish I could go back.

Now I need to prepare for the All-Star Week that is coming to Citi Field. I'm a little disappointed in the lineup as far as autographs goes at the Fan Fest. I have a ticket for the Futures Game and Celeb Softball game and will probably be outside the stadium on Monday. I'm not going to the game itself or the HR derby. I'm not spending the crazy money.

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!!!